Furthering Evil Plots to Take Over the Land

Or perhaps, just the internet.

After the Karl front moved forward with the purchasing of his Domain Name (KarlPfeiffer.com – not yet functional) and building a quick and dirty flash website (www.wix.com/karlpfeiffer/home – decently functional, though still lacking), the next mission to further the takeover was the creation of a blog.

Normally Twitter sufficed, but with further readership, a liiiitle bit more to say (also under construction), and a future career in the sharing of thoughts, words, ideas, and the like, a blog is my next step.

Take it or leave it, subscribe or don’t, add to your bookmarks bar and check in frequently, comment with your own opinions, do whatever you like. I’ll lay the concrete and present the blueprints, you let me know how you like it.

3 thoughts on “Furthering Evil Plots to Take Over the Land

  1. Koogie says:

    Thank you for sharing more of yourself with us how could we not follow you and your words … haha wait that sounds a little creepy, I mean that you have some great insight to a great variety of themes and are not afraid to express your opinion.

  2. holly says:

    Following you, here and there, at least for now. This Katie person seems half real and 3 quarters not. Also went and read some of her blog. Then found – what might be her “real” life in a box, he he. Well we will see what we see.

    Thanks Karl and I’ll let you know what I think periodically, I can’t seem to keep from speaking up at times, other times I’ll watch your life silently from the edge of the bed.


  3. karlpfeiffer says:

    Thanks for checking it out Holly, I think it’s got some interesting content.

    Katie seeming half real and three quarters not, very very nicely put. I agree 🙂

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