The Great Gray Beast of February

Thought I might get out of the house today and take some more pictures. The haze outside that kept the sky a flat bright gray darkened over the hours into an overcast we’re not generally used to here in Colorado. They’re calling for flurries later this evening and tomorrow.

After playing with settings and toying with overcast lighting versus normal outdoor lighting, I’d taken upwards of 200 pictures by the time I wandered down the street back home. After endless tweaking and staring at the preview screen in the brightness, sunglasses dangling from my mouth, I’m really overjoyed to see my camera has come through in brilliant fashion, finding color where even my naked eyes couldn’t.

There’s something about a gray February, after the used, hard snowfall of January starts to seep, after the snow tries to melt but is still hindered, too many of the days dropping temperature to keep frozen patches. The tree branches are barren and brown. The grass has yellowed and the weeds are dead.

I focused on those places that reacted like February, where the water reflects, the sidewalk cracks, the color drains. It’s more than just a season waning. It’s a dystopia longing for a Spring refresh,

a world waiting for a surge below its surface to send shoots of blossom, new skin below a scab, a warm breeze from the west, that taste of something sweet on a wind and the way the air tries to tease at your hand, the evenings stretching to make room for more days.

But for now we have February and it’s supposed to snow tonight.

4 thoughts on “The Great Gray Beast of February

  1. Kelsey says:

    no more snow! I'm in CO too, and totally tired of it…so depressing. where's our famous sun?those are gorgeous photos though!

  2. Koogiemyster says:

    ohh I like the first picture. I am not quite sure why though… its peaceful but lonely, and beautiful but sad, its real.

  3. wow this was very poetic! i loved how you wrapped it up! i loved the metaphors. i love the way that you made february seem so wonderful but then again so taunting about the next to come! i wish i had a february. here in florida december, january an february are all one long month.Sorry about the bad grammer. i only have one hand at the moment

  4. Amber Masuch says:

    Its nice to see that I am not the only one out there that can find beauty in the grey. Sometimes the most beautiful things come from something that most find so unattractive, such as a cloudy day. Must be something in an artist's eye that is chemically different than that of a "normal" person. I truly love that you wrote about your experience as well as showed your pictures. You gave us insight into what you were thinking and what these photo's mean rather than just showcasing them. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

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