Where’s Karl?

So I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while now, but I thought this was a fine time to catch you all up on what’s been going on in my life and where I stand with the paranormal.

GHI and GHA were two of the greatest experiences of my life. For various reasons, some good, some bad, I’ve done more growing up in the last year than I have most years of my life. In fact, I didn’t know how much I’d learned about stress management until these last three weeks when I was working seven to midnight both being a camp counselor at a university and teaching a class about thematic and emotional significance in art. I handled it, and impressively enough, I handled it all with a smile. In years past where just being a counselor to these kids was too much stress for me, this year was easy. It revealed to me that I’ve grown in ways that I don’t even know yet.

But the experience has at least for now been cut short. It’s no secret that the only episode I filmed for GHI has aired and the rest of the season will be minus this GHA grad. It wasn’t my decision, it’s the calls that producers have to make in LA as to what they think will be best for the show. I don’t know why. I’m a good investigator, I like to think I look decent on the tube! Maybe I was just one too many and not priority. Maybe they’ll have me back, maybe I’ll get a call in a week, maybe not. They have other people. But the experience was wonderful, I’m still on great terms with the team, if I’m ever offered a chance to go back, I’ll go back with a smile. Thanks to Ghost Hunters for opportunity and thanks to you guys, the fans, for making me feel like I’m something more special than your average nerdy college kid!

But then on top of that, in the last week, my paranormal team fractures and breaks up with more drama than a middle school dance. Barry holds a theory that because of the nature of our work, delving into a darkness, teams with more than five or six close members, it’s easier for negative forces to get inside and break up teams. Perhaps. Perhaps it’s just the personalities clashing of those people who like to run around in the dark looking for spirits, and the wide varieties of ignorance about how to approach investigations. Without a strong leader and a core group of people understanding each other, I think any group is doomed.

So, as it seems, in the last four or five months, I went from being on the absolute top of my paranormal passion, to being on the bottom. It’s been an odd trip.

Which is a bummer. But I’m not planning on shriveling up and going away. If you’d still like to follow, I’ll be back chasing the ghosts shortly. Perhaps I’ll even build my own team. Until then I’ll be reading as much as possible, keeping up to date with the newest theories, and watching for exciting developments.

And writing. Of course I’ll be writing. Stay tuned for that 😉 Exciting things on the way!

So I don’t think this is goodbye. You can interpret it that way if you like. But I’ll still be here. You’ll still be here. I’m still a little awesome. You’re still very awesome. Sometimes I tweet things worth reading. Just won’t be on your TVs for a little while. Maybe.


7 thoughts on “Where’s Karl?

  1. Jessi says:

    I'll miss seeing you on tv but I love reading your tweets. Best of luck to you! Say hi sometime! Twitter/jessibehrendsen

  2. Britany Judd says:

    I'm sorry to hear that things haven't exactly turned out the way they were originally thought to. That's Hollywood I guess. Your attitude towards the whole situation is amazing and it's shown that you're a class act all the way. Whether you make it back to tv or not I'm glad I've been fortunate enough to follow you. I honestly get more from your tweets than most of the paranormal "celebrities". I'm sure you don't but if you ever happen to need another friend you can find me at twitter.com/britanyjudd

  3. Amanda Lynn says:

    Oh, so that's what happened. Thanks for the blog lettiing us know what's going on. I will miss you on TV (Hulu'd your episode finally, it was very good), but I doubt this is the last we'll see you. I do enjoy your tweets and other writings, and look forward to more from you in the future. I have the feeling you're far too talented, humble, and generally awesome to be out of the scene for very long. twitter.com/manda_nut

  4. Thanks for the support guys 🙂 I like to think this isn't the last you'll hear of me – especially considering my hopeful future career as a novelist – but your feedback means a lot!

  5. Anlynne says:

    I'm more than a little sad. I was greatly looking forward to seeing more of you on GHI, but I'm thrilled that you're continuing with your passion regardless. You are an amazing investigator with little drama (a plus for me). I'm sure many of us will not stop stalking you. ;-)Have fun!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dang, I'm sorry, Karl. Honestly, I think they got rid of the wrong GHA grad and I hope they'll be calling you back soon. Best wishes for what sounds ike a bright future anyway!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Karl, I stopped watching GHI since you disappeared after first episode. I figured something was up. Evil afoot!! Glad i found your blog and found out what happened. Be well, you'll succeed at anything you set your hand to.

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