Bringing Bloggity Back

A lot on my mind today – best just be put into a blog I think. Perhaps I should start doing these weekly, to give me enough content with just the right amount of forcing, to be so optimistic as to hope a theme or direction begins to form, for a point.

Ketchup: It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve sent off the query for my first novel, Hallowtide, and I haven’t heard back from the agent. Neutral to the significance or lack thereof due to the wait. They suggest three to five weeks waiting. Fingers are beginning to grow numb from being crossed. Still no word from GHI. Of course, Production has not asked me to return to film with them since my only episode in March – but it sounds like shooting will begin in a few days for the next season – I wish whoever to be fresh to the team and those left the best of luck. I hope production finally gets serious about the show and GHI finds some stability.

A week or two ago I posted a link to a short story I wrote that you can find here; It costs only two bucks (that’s less than a beer), and takes two minutes to register an account on Smashwords (that’s less than a commercial break). I’d appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you take a look. I’m proud of the work and extremely curious what the readers think. It could add some spice to your week!

#MindfuckMovieMonday got lazy last night, and due to poor turnout and not being in the mood, we just watched Constantine again (one of my favorites) and used the Matrix played to Metallica’s Black Album as a control showing to compare to the Wizard of Floyd. I think the Black Matrix showed how very nicely albums can blend with certain movies, that sometimes the music does indeed line up nicely, but rarely. Perhaps Pink Floyd lined up with the Wizard intentionally, perhaps not, but best control comparison results will come I think, from very theatrical, musical-based films and very instrumental, dynamic albums.

Halloween fever has struck very suddenly this year. I’m desperate for the leaves to change, the temperatures to drop, and that almost-protective glaze to fall, the one that almost seems to trap the romance of the late summer, as if to hold it through November, to give a spice to the damp brush and empty flowers. For those who can’t wait like me, I highly recommend checking; I aspire to make similar sets a tradition on Halloween, starting small this year, but with a scarecrow of my own. We’ll see how he turns out. I’ll keep you posted. On a related note, Rot also keeps up a themed blog for all things Halloween at It’s secured a place on my bookmarks bar.

As if I haven’t mentioned it enough on my Twitter feed yet, August and September are proving frightening for their amount of music being produced. I only wish it would have been more spread out over the year, for I long for new albums the other eight months of the year. Disturbed are following 2008’s amazing Indestructible with Asylum, due out the 31st. Two tracks have been released, both with music videos, seen at . Apocalyptica have been pushing their new album, 7th Symphony, due out the 24th. I just learned today that Kamelot’s Poetry for the Poisoned will be out September 14th. I’m still debating whether I should fork out the money and see Apocalyptica again. They put on a brilliant show, but I’m going broke fast. On a final music note, I finally got my hands on the Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach from earlier this year; very disappointed. I dig going fresh directions, but albums with too many guests feel too collage-like for my tastes. More Demon Days please.

Chris McCune, my cohort from the first five episodes of Ghost Hunters Academy will be arriving tomorrow bright and early for a few days of general merriment and debauchery. We’re looking at hitting up Boulder around noon. Send me a tweet if you want to meet us and say hi!

2 thoughts on “Bringing Bloggity Back

  1. pd2care says:

    I really hope they keep you on GHI. You did really well on GHA. Good luck on the novel!! I'm an avid reader, so I look forward to seeing your name in my local book stores!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robb, Ashley and Brandy have all left GHI recently so maybe they'll ask you to come back!

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