The October Collection (part one)

“The sun sets on the fall afternoon, lighting the grass, trees, and plants with a golden orange hue. The sky is that perfect purple shade and the air has a nip in it just warm enough to keep the shiver from coursing through your body. Dead leaves litter the sidewalk. The grass is neat and the trees that have not lost their leaves are the rich rust color of late October, before the dead November. It is vibrant, warm and alive, yet whispers, hinting at the cold that night will bring.”

from Hallowtide


It’s early, still. October is only still in its infancy. There are still trees unlit, the pumpkins are still waiting. There is a breeze on the air that still smells of summer, and every so often the lightning will still flicker across the eastern sky.

Give it time, relish in the color, the richness, the warmth.

Autumn celebrations were about preservation, about hope, about facing those fears of the dark and cold that the winter would surely bring.

More in time.



Copyright 2010 Karl Pfeiffer


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