NaNoWriMo and other random stuffs.

Juggling a lot these last couple weeks. Trying to work through some evidence so I can throw together a couple more Stanley evidence vlogs. Don’t worry, they’re on the way. Just trying to play catch up and be thorough.


Also, as I’ve mentioned a couple times on the Twitter, writer Neil Gaiman is pushing for a new Halloween tradition of giving a scary book to a loved one on the holiday. I think it’s a brilliant idea and would no doubt join in if I had two pennies to rub together to pass a book along. But apparently it’s the thought that counts, at the very least, and I’ll push again and again Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves – best read with the lights off, by candle or flashlight. Or if you’d rather, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, a post-apocalyptic horror novel of a much different variety, with a language so poetic it might squeeze the tears from you like a juicer.

Feel free to shoot me a comment on what books have scared you, and what books you’ll be passing along this year for All Hallows’ Read.


I’ve also alluded on the Twitter to an annual event I’ll be again promoting and participating in, National Novel Writing Month.

If you’re not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it’s a contest, a challenge, to write 50,000 words between midnight on November first, and midnight on November 30th. Yes, fifty-thousand words is quite a feat. Yes, you’d have to work your ass off to win. But the goal isn’t so much to win as it is to finally give yourself that push to get yourself writing, working on that project in the back of your mind you’ve always wondered about, to finally do something creative you may have always been driven to but felt that you cannot for whatever reason, do.

I’ve never won NaNo myself. Usually after a strong start, I watch my word count fall further and further behind, to the points of realistic catchup, to weekend binges, to hopelessness. But as I’ve said, it’s not about the 50k.

At my best, working on my third novel this summer, I managed to get to the 50k mark in two months of hard work without the influence of school. And earlier in the year, I worked two to three months on my second novel, only getting to about 35,000.

That said – with marketing one novel and two others in progress, ebbing and flowing with my activity level outside them, I don’t care to spread myself so thin as to have three works in progress, so this year I plan to try to finish my two already in-progress works, to at least get to the point where an end is in sight, to know where both stories are going. My real goal? To have one (and if I really push it, even two) full first draft(s) by New Years. Will I make it? Honestly, doubtful – I’m horrible at writing deadlines. But will I try? Definitely.

And I strongly encourage you to try with me. Whatever story you want to write. However far you get. Come along for the ride. Hop on over to and check out what’s happening there on the more organized level,

and let’s win.

I’ll be posting frequent twitter updates as to my word count, and likely a few things over here at the blog.

It’s gonna be fun. Sure, sometimes it won’t be. But it’s rewarding. Getting in touch with your creative side is one of the truest pursuits you’ll ever know. I promise.


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and other random stuffs.

  1. Ellie says:

    I am also considering attempting NaNoWriMo. I want to do it, but worried I may get dragged into the world of writing so heavily that I shall lose focus on the rest of the world. Ah well, it is only one month. Good luck!

  2. Red says:

    I love NaNoWriMo! This’ll be my 4th year participating… and while I’ve not gotten anything I would even remotely consider publishing out of it, I have seen a lot of ideas in the wreckage of my 50,000 churned out each year. Gave me ideas for other stories, or if I came back to them I realized they were rescuable if I cut out a huge chunk of superfluous gunk I hadn’t realized was superfluous at the time. I’m glad you’re getting the word out on this. Hopefully other people will enjoy their month long “writer’s holiday” as I have. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

  3. Amanda says:

    I slept with the lights on for a month after I read a borrowed copy of House of Leaves. I bought it for myself, but I can’t bring myself to get at it again. This is coming from the girl who started reading Stephen King in 5th grade…it takes a LOT to scare me.

    This is my 3rd NaNo. Here’s to winning without hitting 50k!

  4. Alix Morris says:

    So I’ve been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo for the last, like, 5 years, and strongly thinking about it this year, and your post pushed me over the bump and I signed up to do it. I am scared, lol. I’ve never written that many words in such a short time. My best is 35,000 in a month. I’m excited though, because I have a story that needs to be written, and this is the motivation I need. Good luck with your writing 🙂

  5. karlpfeiffer says:

    @Ellie, you say losing focus on the real world like it’s a bad thing!

    @Red, awesome! That’s really what it’s about! Fifty-thousand words in a month is going to be a sludge of half-arranged ideas and prompts and story-starts, barely a novel. So long as it keeps pushing you each year, it’s doing it’s job, isn’t it? That’s wonderful!

    @Amanda, 3rd year NaNo non-50k wins for the win! Haha! House of Leaves didn’t quite scare me, but I love everything about it 🙂

    @Alix, what awesome news to hear! Keep me posted on how it goes throughout November! 35k is about my best too, certainly nothing to spit at, especially if it’s good stuff.

    Good luck to all you guys! Only one day left 🙂

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