Evidence Vlog – EIGHTEEN TIMES?!


11 thoughts on “Evidence Vlog – EIGHTEEN TIMES?!

  1. Evie Warner says:

    wonderful! I am enjoying following your tweets (i’m @evieacc) and your vlog. Always making me think! did i miss any announcements about what you having coming up in the future? I’m still thinking of writing A Waiting For Karl short story lol..just kidding. keep on keeping. And God bless.

  2. Nic says:

    Nice video blog man!

    Yeah I think you find that the spirits are always messing with you.
    The people that want full exposure usually get zip and the scared, kinda unsure people are the ones to get grabbed or see an apparition.

    One of the many ‘joys’ of the job.

  3. Debbie T says:

    Karl: I’ve been in Lucy’s room on a few different occasions and saw the door close several times. The door will swing shut by itself if you leave it slightly away from the wall, so I’ve wondered if its a matter of balance. You know how something can be placed on a surface and it will sit there for the longest time and then suddenly fall? Like maybe the slightest vibration sets it into motion, the “last straw” effect. Or maybe it has been moving in such small increments that you don’t notice it until the balance of gravity tips. That’s why we can’t say this experience we had at Villisca is definitely paranormal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYaPUJ77XWA . My son was videotaping, our friend Vin appears in the video, Callea and I were sitting in the doorway right outside the attic. We KNOW no one was moving or touched the saw horse.

    I too have my skeptical side (just ask Callea), but I have to admit I had the weirdest eery personal experience the first time she and I sat in Lucy’s room, and I don’t scare easily. This was in the middle of the day. Anyhoo, I’ll be up there for your January 29 lecture and this time I want to wedge the door open with something lightweight. If Lucy can move a door, I feel she can move or remove a wedge. Maybe even folded paper, just enough to keep the door from swinging on its own. See you then. I can bring Seth Speaks if you’re interested in borrowing it.

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      We push the door against the wall to a resting place the same each time. Absolutely the door reaches a certain point where it falls closed, but the question is whether Lucy pushes it to that point or whether it gradually unwedges itself. If it gradually unwedges itself, why does it do it so infrequently?

      Wedging something lightweight against it doesn’t help anymore than insuring that the door is back as far as it goes, and leaves you with equal questions as answers. Was the wedge not enough to prop the door open against its natural inclinations to close? Or was Lucy strong enough to push it still? Or if it doesn’t close, is that because we’ve finally “truly” propped the door, or is it because your wedge was too much for lucy to overcome?

      This is why we didn’t change the door, which acts as a constant every investigation, and instead went after environmental conditions that would cause the door to some nights close easier.

      The results of which are in the video.

      Hope you enjoy the hunt and lecture ont he 29th! Don’t worry about the book. I’d love to read it but wouldn’t get to it for months, and there’s no need to steal your book if I’m not even reading it lol

      • Debbie T says:

        Fair enough. Maybe we’ll never know for sure if its Lucy or just natural causes such as vibration from the heating system. I think on the 29th I’m going to ask Lucy to OPEN the door for a change! ;=>

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      Oh, also it doesn’t sit that close to the breaking point that only a small vibration will send it closing. You’ll have to check it out when you get up there, but it takes a good couple inches of drag that requires a bit of force before it passes its point. I don’t eliminate that vibrational possibility, and was testing for it last time, but it would have to be some vibration and further, likely mechanically inspired, in which case I think the door would close on a far more regular basis.

      Absolutely great critical thinking on this though!

      • karlpfeiffer says:

        That’d certainly remove a lot of doubts wouldn’t it? (Until then it OPENS eighteen times! haha) But we ask for that too. Never seen it, though it has been reported. Maybe you’ll have better luck than us!

  4. Debbie T says:

    If Lucy’s BFF Callea can’t get her to open the door, then I don’t stand a chance. I’m sure Callea told you about the furniture thrown across that room. Maybe there’s more than Lucy in there. The experience I had really shook me, it wasn’t a pleasant energy.

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      Haha! Lucy sure comes out to play for others often enough too. You never know! And absolutely there are other spirits about – it’s too bad they don’t wear name tags. I’ve experienced uncomfortable energies in there myself, but never anything i’d deem negative, though you never know who passes through.

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