Monthly Archives: April 2011

Emulation. A Photography Post

The second good lightning storm of the spring struck last night. Leapt to the foot of my bed where I keep my camera equipment, slapped my SLR on a tripod, and was out in the rain a few seconds later.

Colorado storms don’t generally last long enough to spend time fiddling with the exposures and leveling the tripod.

So by the time I had everything lined up, the arching flashes had faded to the west, and my successes were again, sparse.

The passing traffic left streaks of light across the open lens, reminders of time, an imprint, an exposure, a conversation between headlight and skylight, one tight, straight, maintained, and linear,

the other,


An emulation, a dead tree of one kind, a living of another. Spider branches reaching, one up, one down.

And then I played in the rain. Which I highly recommend.

To my various Twitter and Facebook people encouraging more photo posts, I hope you like, and plan to have more on the way as the months get warmer

A Conversation with the Dead

This weekend on one of the public ghost hunts at the Stanley Hotel, with fifteen guests and only myself leading it (no Callea), we had a truly remarkable interaction with a spirit named Lucy in the lower bathroom of the Concert Hall. Watch the vlog here;

Wanted more of the evidence and conversation back and forth through the cell sensor? Check out the follow up video too!

And stay tuned for further info on my present level of concern over whether it’s legitimate, what it means if it is real, possibly more audio if I can secure the track of the first hour, and a transcript of all the answers that she gave me!

Have thoughts or opinions on it yourself? Chime in, in the comments section below! (And tell your friends?)