A Conversation with the Dead

This weekend on one of the public ghost hunts at the Stanley Hotel, with fifteen guests and only myself leading it (no Callea), we had a truly remarkable interaction with a spirit named Lucy in the lower bathroom of the Concert Hall. Watch the vlog here;

Wanted more of the evidence and conversation back and forth through the cell sensor? Check out the follow up video too!

And stay tuned for further info on my present level of concern over whether it’s legitimate, what it means if it is real, possibly more audio if I can secure the track of the first hour, and a transcript of all the answers that she gave me!

Have thoughts or opinions on it yourself? Chime in, in the comments section below! (And tell your friends?)


7 thoughts on “A Conversation with the Dead

  1. Karen Crayk says:

    I wish I could hear all of what you recorded, but what you got is just so amazing!

  2. Jason says:

    Hey Karl…greatness! Please share the first hour if you can get a hold of the audio. I’d like to read your thoughts in the future on the questions you posed at the end of the bloggy here. Keep up the good work. peace. Jason(@whatwebcome)

  3. Emily says:

    Karl, I was part of this group and just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience! Like you said in your vlog it definitely changes you after having a conversation like that. Thanks for posting some of the clips as well… it’s nice to be able to share even a piece of it with others!

  4. Colleen says:

    Karl, I too was part of this group it was amazing and so much to take in. I hope you can find the rest of the footage cause it was priceless!!

  5. kridder5@yahoo.com says:

    Karl, I was also too a part of this group and the experience was AMAZING!! I always wanted to seek out ghosts and this experience totally satisfied my hunger. Thank you so much for the adventure, it is one I will never forget! 😀

  6. suzieashby says:


    This is all so very fascinating. I wish I had been part of the group. It sounds like you really had some great luck, and did a great job. I will be looking forward to more.

    I only know what I experienced myself, and always love to hear what really is on the other side.

    In 1994, I had an NDE after a simple surgery. I asked for something for pain, and boy howdy! I was gone. All I know is it was the most wonderful sense of complete peacefulness one could ever experience. When the made me breathe I was really angry, because it was such a sweet bliss. It is something I will never fear.

    Thank you for putting this here for others to share in. I really want to get back up to Estes soon. Light and Peace to everyone.

  7. […] You’re all up to date on the strange oddities of the early spring following my encounters with the Pig-Man at the end of December. If you’re not, information on the Pig-Man can be found here; https://karlpfeiffer.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/pig-men-and-psychics/ and information on the influx of the nature spirits and elementals on the night of the supermoon are recapped here; https://karlpfeiffer.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/summertime-and-supermoons-and-sprites/. And of course, the conversation with Lucy via Cell Censor in April https://karlpfeiffer.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/a-conversation-with-the-dead/. […]

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