Summertime and Supermoons and Sprites

It’s summertime now. Well, by date, and not weather. Because outside the streets are that brown color that means it stopped raining a bit ago, but when it was raining, it rained a lot, and the threat remains. The weird part for Colorado is the “raining a lot” and the “remaining threat.” But I’ll take it because I like rain.

Because I’m done with school for the semester, I’ve developed an ungodly amount of free time (which is quite wonderful and equally stays hidden amongst my laundry list of busy-sounding things I either could be doing or have to do on the weekends). In this free time I’ve been meaning to get back to rewriting Hallowtide, but reworking the entire plot has proven a trifle difficult and I find myself often staring blankly at the wall or reading the Shining to try and coax out those plot points that wander about in my head while I read.

My point is I’m not writing much, but mean to. And I’ve also realized I haven’t blogged (or vlogged) much. And wanted to get back in touch with you guys.

So I thought I’d share some more possibly weird stuff.

Your opinions are welcome. Requested, even.

You remember when I saw the pig man in 1302 in a very brief but vivid dream on December 29, 2010? (blog here; This was followed in March, when on the 19th we lead a ghost hunt the same evening as the so-called “Supermoon,” with unexpected results. I mentioned the Supermoon briefly in a vlog here; but I’ll say a bit about it here too.

I was skeptical about the Supermoon and still am to some degree. I’ve seen arguments for and against the moon affecting paranormal activity by well-qualified individuals on both fronts. I myself leaned away from the full moon making much difference. Perhaps a full moon brings out the crazy in schools and hospitals and for cops and parents, but like a new car, you see it when you’re looking, I decided. The moon effects the tides, I argued, but by gravity. Are spirits affected by the effect of a massive body waxing and waning in the light? Meh. Maybe. But on that night the activity was decidedly different, and the jury is still out.

Following the ghost hunt, myself and five or six friends were sitting in Lucy’s room in the basement of the Concert Hall as we often do, urging any activity. The room had a very different feel to it that night, and the activity escalated in a strange way. Frequently we saw strange sparks of light appearing along the walls and dark doorframes. These sparks were of the same makeup as the spirals and supernova that appear behind your eyelids when you close them and press on them, but with a touch more substance, making them stand out against the natural motions of the eye. But were someone to spark a lighter in the same area, the effect would be undeniable and something immediately noticeable.

Now are these kind of in-between sparks something I call supernatural, and existing, not just tricks of the eye? Perhaps. But what was interesting that night was not only the consistency of these strange half-real sparks, but that we noticed them at the same time. “I thought I just saw something,” I might say.

“Over by the base of the support post?” One of our friends might suggest.

“Yeah,” I’d say. “Like a bluish spark or a light of some kind?”

“That’s exactly what I just saw too.”

These dialogues would go back and forth for the next two hours.

And they suggest interesting directions to further our observation. If spirits are in the edges of the visible light spectrum, or even some spectrum of our own sensory awareness, shouldn’t it be at the edges that we’re looking? If they’re intangible enough to not fully manifest or cast shadows one hundred percent of the time, is it such a stretch to imagine that these near trick-of-the-eye phenomena might be much closer to what it is we’re searching for? That we must pay better attention to the edges of our vision rather than the distinct shadows cast for our video cameras?

Of course I’m aware of the predicament this places upon the technical investigator. In the search for the tangible, the “evidence” or the paranormal, and in light of the debunking, skeptical mindset, approaching an investigation by placing careful and open-minded attention on the tricks of your eyes seems heedless and open to false positives and over-excitability. Past the focal point of our sight, if I remember my statistics correctly, more than half of our vision is extrapolated from the colors around it, and blank spaces are “filled up” with these colors. The majority of our vision is in fact, false.

But the possibility remains. And on a night like this Supermoon, what generally stay in the realm of a trick of the eye became phenomenologically justified with multiple eye-witnesses to what I would only describe as a trick. And so I only encourage this type of approach (which may well lead us in an appropriate direction, albeit shakily) for those pursuing personal paths toward the paranormal, and with partners they can trust. It’s a kind of personal experience that is fraught with doubt and critique, and should remain on the experimental level of some ITC devices for instances of home investigations, but one that I think in the right context can be very interesting to pursue. So do so critically, but with interest.

Meanwhile, back in Lucy’s basement, the feelings became more and more intense. Where her room for the past seven months had felt generally eerie, this strange and sometimes intimidating feel (in the way of any unseen haunting, no negativity implied) was usually easily linked to the feel of a presence. Perhaps Lucy. Perhaps one of the many other spirits haunting the grounds. But that night was far different, reminiscent of the few times I was invited into the condemned Carriage House next door. That night, the spirits felt much more animalistic, natural, smaller, fleeting, and less responsive, but no less there.

I likened the sensation to being on a game trail of some kind, that it felt that tens of spirits were running on some kind of a path through the room toward the west, and away from the Carriage House. At the time, the Carriage House was going through some renovations, and still is. The Hotel is seeking to refurbish the old building and have it open again in a few months. Stories from the construction has left little doubt in my mind that something was unsettled. (Hopefully the House will be open to us for ghost hunts soon, but until then the building is still condemned and still under security watch for trespassers).

After one of our friends, Lisa (who was eight months pregnant), felt the urge to leave, the discomfort in the room building so severely for her, I went into the middle of the room and crouched against the floor, trying to feel for some kind of touch or sensation that would justify the shadows and sparks we continued to see at ground level, taking a more active approach to interaction. Many times Callea watched shadows close in around me before receding again, and I felt what seemed to be small animal-like spirits running about my feet. Even at one point the feeling like something was on my arm, not physically, but with that kind of flinching feeling when someone presses their face very close to yours who you don’t know very well. Something was in my space. I almost even heard the sound of the fabric of my shirt moving at strange moments. At one point I became very distinctly sure of my shirt against my shoulder blades and immediately afterward Callea said she saw a blackness right behind me.

Callea even describes having seen an entity right before her eyes in the exact same way that I described the Pig Man from months prior. In German culture the pig is an image of luck in the new year. I saw the entity two days before new year and the following month was door after door opening for me. Following Callea’s experience of the Pig Man, her luck changed dramatically. Connection perhaps?

This attention toward these natural feeling spirits, nature spirits, elementals, what have you, has become part of our normal personal experience of Lucy’s room for the last few months and part of our own process toward opening ourselves up to experience. Are our minds running away with themselves? Are we being critical enough? Are our eyes only playing tricks? Perhaps, but one of the great things about being able to come back to a place like this is being able to try to get in touch with the feel of a room or the way we feel inside a room week to week and why and what it is that we’re feeling and what lines up. This is what’s been lining up lately.

Even last weekend Callea and I sat in the room and it felt different. It didn’t feel like there was any one human spirit in there the way it felt for months in the fall, but it felt more like the Carriage House did. Even then we continued to see small shadows flitting at the ground level and strange shapes moving in the lighter areas against the walls. This isn’t a feeling of difference week to week now, but a feeling month to month.

Were these spirits displaced by the Carriage House renovations? Are they fresh? Are we tapping into them in a new way? Perhaps. But it’s a fascinating personal approach that excites me, and one I’m eager to have more experiences with.

This post ran a bit long talking about the nature spirits of Lucy’s room, but what I wanted your feedback most upon I’ll have to leave for later in the week, for a Part 2. So stay tuned!


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