July Madness

No, it’s not a basketball thing, just my forthcoming state of mind.

Quick note, the July 23rd Jerome Grand Hotel event has been postponed until further notice. I hope ticket sales resume an upward climb if it’s reposted. Jerome gave me my first experiences of what ghost hunting can really be like after my GHA experience. The Stanley Hotel picked up the slack nine months after and the rest, as they (cliche` people) say, is history. The best part of Jerome? While a moderately busy hotel, their ghosts are largely unbothered by tours and ghost hunts, and activity remains at a unique level of freshness in this day and age of the fad-like industry of ghost hunting.

Just got off a three day ghost hunting kick at the Stanley this weekend. July is a crazy month at the hotel (as is most of the summer), and three hunts back to back to back is a test of endurance, but a fun ride. Great guests and per usual, activity that leaves me scratching my head. That spirit box sometimes…

Starting Wednesday I begin training for yet again my summer position as a camp counselor at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Because I’m borderline certifiable, I’m teaching at the camp again this year too. Apparently I don’t like sleep.

Letting you guys in on that facet of my life usually yields amusing results and I can’t help but reflect on last year, when hubub was abound as to whether I was still a part of the cast on GHI; many articles and blogs with their noses tuned to my Twitter reported on my not being with the team but instead being a camp counselor toasting marshmallows and telling stories rather than out making some of my own. I always got a kick out of reading these, putting it as if I’d hustled off to some monastery, the pressure of the show becoming too much.

GHI was everything I wanted it to be and more, the pressure was a joy, the television work, fun. And the camp is more of a nerd camp, classes-if-classes-were-cool, run around throwing shoes at eachother, and meeting some of the most awesome people of your life kind of camp rather than marshmallows and skits (which, mind you, held a firm monthly place in my childhood, but that’s another day).

Poor Mr. Staypuft.

I attended this camp, the Summer Enrichment Program starting in sixth grade, and completed two years of the Leadership camp that wraps the last two years of the program. Though only two weeks each year, the friendships were forever, and many tears were shed the end of each session. But it was the kind of camp that I knew I’d return to so long as life allowed it, and I’ve been back as a counselor for the last four years, teaching this year and the last.

I’m teaching an art class again this summer, not a “let’s learn to watercolor” class, but instead more of a “what is an artist and why does s/he make art?” also, a “if you want something in life, go out and fucking get it,” class – or, if there are children reading, a “be whoever you want to be” class.

I’m a broke ghost hunter working at the Stanley Hotel, trudging through his first three novels, attending classes, and lecturing across the United States. I don’t care who you want to grow up to be, passion is all you need. Food is secondary.

So that’s where I’ll be until late July. If you see tweets of shaving cream covered children or rambling sleep deprived visions of long legged beasties in the coming days, pay them little heed, they’re only echoes from the greatest place on earth.

If you have a child you think is gifted or know one who is who might love an experience like this for summer of 2012, more information can be found at http://www.unco.edu/cebs/sep/.

Also, despite being busy with two full time jobs during the camp, I will still be working most of the July ghost hunts, minus only one. So if you finally find yourself in front of the TV one night and think, I need to go on an epic ghost hunt and one of the most beautiful places on earth, this is your month!

Happy Fourth of July guys, I hope the sunsets are magical, the BBQs tasty, the beer cold, and the fireworks charming.

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