A Cat in the Road

“Did you see it?” Callea asked. “The cat in the road?”

“What cat?” I said.

“The one sitting in the road, last Saturday, when we were both driving back down the canyon.”

“Didn’t see any cat.”

“You were barely fifteen seconds ahead of me. It was just sitting there, right past the center of the road. You would have had to swerve not to hit it. You couldn’t miss it.”



“Yeah… Yeah, you were behind me practically the entire drive,” I said. “So it would have had to dart into the street the second I was past and then sit down in the middle of the road.”


“Did it run away when you came upon it?”

“No, it just stayed right there in the road, sitting, staring at me, my headlights shining off its eyes.”


One thought on “A Cat in the Road

  1. Callea says:

    And that’s exactly what it looked like too!

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