Something Followed Me HOME?!

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6 thoughts on “Something Followed Me HOME?!

  1. Matt says:

    With the overwhelming interest in all things paranormal growing so rapidly, I think that the concept of spirits following you home really presents a boundary that people do not want to have to cross. Every day, television brings us a new crew of people, visiting a new haunted location, and this intrigues people into wanting to adventure in this realm for themselves. Nobody fully understands what we’re witnessing or capturing, which is part of the allure. I think everyone wants to broaden their horizons into a realm of reality that has been dismissed and shunned from our society for so long, but when dealing with something you don’t understand, and cannot control, there has to be a sense of fear involved. It is one thing to plan a trip to a haunted location, witness and capture the evidence you can, and then return home to safety. It’s another to have something that’s not understood chasing you and tormenting your life each night! We are all learning and understanding more and more with the paranormal, but while we are sitting in the dark, having something we can’t fully comprehend stuck with us is bound to illicit apprehensiveness. I believe the question arises so frequently because more and more people want to engage in what they don’t understand, but have to draw a line into where they will venture because no longer having that safety of home is a nightmare for almost everyone.

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      This is true. It’s so important to draw that line between the fear of what’s in the dark, in the unknown, and having that unknown “torment” one’s life. I can see how the unknown gets far darker when it’s more intrusive though, absolutely.

      I think keeping that line between work and home is important, but recognizing that what follows you home isn’t by any means “evil” or “demonic” simply because it’s followed you is equally important.

  2. You hear alot of stories from Paranormal Investigators about incidents where every member of their team has been followed home at one time or another, they also have claims that these evil entities have even broken up relationships due to all the activity they cause on more than one occassion !!! So therefore I believe alot of people are trying to understand how this stuff could be happening !!!!! Its just another unexplained happening that people dont understand and at times it can be very Scarey !!!!

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      It’s true, while that is, true or otherwise, it’s essentially only a fear-based marketing scheme, but it does influence people. A lot.

      It’s still interesting though that people ask not if it will happen to them, by going on a hunt, but if it has ever happened to me..

      That’s what really makes me wonder about it. It’s what makes the story THAT much better, to have a story about the activity getting… what? More personal? More intense? Because it’s at home.

  3. Mons says:

    I think its based in a fear of these people visiting haunted places and having things follow them home. They want the experience but want to have it turned off too.

    A few of my paranormal experiences have come from watching shows that visited haunted places. I was visited by two “apparitions” which were discussed on that “Show”. Why and how they came to me is beyond me. What they had to tell me was sad. I’m a very reluctant medium. I’m not afraid of things (as long as I’m on my own ground) so maybe that’s why they came. I don’t know it was weird. I think people want to know that these spirits can’t come through the television too.

    I am a reluctant medium, the first time I spoke to a ghost was when I was 12, I didn’t even know it was a ghost. I just walked up to the kid and had a conversation… in retrospect the situation gives me chills but mostly I am sad for my ignorance that I couldn’t help the poor soul and I remember his sad eyes. I just remember wondering why the kid didn’t blink.

  4. Jessica says:

    I went to a haunted location and saw something through the side of my eye twice. It was blazing hot but i had chills i have been kind of obsessed with this place. I caught a few things through my camera i didnt see till i developed pics. I even woke up with a very noticable bite mark. Since then i have been having night terrors very graphic dreams as though i am doing something horrible but its not me. My 8 yr old daughter began having dreams of being possessed and started singing a song in her sleep made about one of the stories of this place. The dreams are starting to effect my every day life. Could i have brought something home? If so why? And how do i get rid of it?

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