Ketchup and 2012


Hope you guys had a merriest of Christmases and that this weekend will bring a start to the best New Year yet (even if the world ends. No, perhaps ESPECIALLY if the world ends. Go out with style right? No use wasting time).

I’ve been at my folks house and generally avoiding the interwebz, so I thought I’d play some ketchup now that I’m back to me casa and settled into get some work done again. Also, these ketchups are probably too long for tweets so I thought I’d dust off the bloggity.

* * *

First up, if you didn’t see over Christmas, I posted a blog about the spookiness of Christmas, and the necessity of the darkness and the light, and also compare the holiday to its October counterpart. I also make a case for snowy dark places being more Christmassy and thus excluded about half the world. Or more. Disagree? Sound off in the comments section below. (It’s the blog just before this one).

* * *

Read Daryl Gregory’s debut novel Pandemonium in about two days over my quick vacation. Great quick book. Reads like a Koontz thriller, but with the depth of Philip K. Dick scifi. It’s an alternate USA where possessions are commonly documented and understood as a condition of life. Now why didn’t I think of that? Here’s the amazon link if you’re looking for a fun and curious book. (The Jungian discussions are a great precursor to Hallowtide, if I might so inflate myself to say)

* * *

Also, February is coming scary fast (poor guy), and that means that the epic Stanley Hotel event is also on the way. Tickets have been selling wicked quick but there are still a few left that do not include a room at the hotel (You can be just like Jesus!), which means they’re a bit cheaper. The lineup is myself, Dustin Pari, KJ McCormick, Fact or Faked’s Austin Porter and Jael De Pardo, Alexandra Holzer, and CeCe the Huntress. It should prove to be a lovely night. Tickets can be found here.


Elsewhere in 2012, there’s much on its way. I hope to get back to blogging more of my passing thoughts and shooting some more vlogs for you guys. Without the Stanley, many of my talking points are a bit less, but I still want to keep you guys in the loop.

2012 is setting up to be a wild year, with many possible projects lining up, which is the way of such things. All in possibility. There’s been exciting talk a few weeks ago that could still amount to something in a few months. I’m still working on Hallowtide by the day and plan to make more time for that during school, which is to say that in a perfect world it might be ready to start marketing to agents and publishers again in summer or early fall. (No quoting on that one though. It works on its own schedule).

My filmmaker buddy AJ (@TasteLikeApples) will be working on a film project this spring for his senior thesis that I’ll have an exciting hand in. It’s a college project through and through, but we’re throwing our all into it. Keep an eye open for updates though.

I’ve got two book projects of the non-fiction variety percolating in the basement corner somewhere that desperately want to see the light of day that may come to fruition in the next few months. I’ll keep you guys posted as I can (but now all I can do is tease).

And finally, I’m looking to start putting a bigger emphasis on both my photography and my artwork. My photography I make very accessible here on the blog, but most of you have not seen anything of my art, which I burned out on producing in high school. But the whispers have started, encouraging me to take up the charcoal pencil/paintbrush/pastel again. The voices kept me up two hours the other night as I tried to sleep. So we’ll see where they lead. I’m looking into print costs if any of you guys might be interested.

So keep a careful eye on both my website and the blog and the tweety for more information about that becoming more available.

I think that’s everything. It’s been a crazy year. Crazy fast, if I do say. Remarkable to think that my seeing the pig man ( was a year ago today, that my bout of good luck working for the TAPS Paramagazine and the Stanley Hotel and bringing my lectures to fruition was so far away already. It feels both like yesterday and also about a decade back. Always more on the horizon, and it will be exciting to see what blossoms and what doesn’t.

As always, minions, constant readers, tweeps, Team Karlers, whatever I’d like to call you kool kids this week, thank you always for your enduring support. It means more to me than you will ever know. My absolute best to each of you in 2012. Whether its your last year or not (it’s not), live your heart out and follow what you adore and make love and dance like I’m watching and laughing my ass off.


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  1. I benefit from looking through your websites. Thanks!

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