My filmmaker buddy down in Boulder, @TasteLikeApples, (yes, he actually has a name that’s not “my filmmaker buddy.” It’s AJ) is in his final semester in CU’s film program. And in this last semester, he’s required to complete a final project, bringing a project from conception, to script, to production and post. After reading and discussing my short story, Dreamland Crocotta, he decided that this would be an exciting project to adapt for the screen, and being a photography enthusiast and amateur filmmaker myself, I agreed.

Last semester he tooled around with the script, which is now in its later stages of the first draft, with various other forms of pre-production starting to fall into place. I’ll likely be Director of Photography and writerly consultant. The project is going to move fast, but I’m super pumped.

Indeed though this is an amateur film school project, I know that AJ brings the technical and artistic knowhow to the project to make this thing not only professional and tasteful, but a work of art that seeks to compliment and serve the story itself. The movie is called Crocotta.

If you want to follow AJ through the next five months of work on the project, he’ll be updating regularly at Drop in, give him some love and support, and watch this project bloom! I’m sure I’ll be posting regular updates here as well.

And if you haven’t read the story yet, and would like to, it’s free over at

And this is a short, abstract, pretentious video he did adapting something short, abstract, and pretentious that I wrote from an earlier draft of Hallowtide.

And this is a vlog he did for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation. If you’re interested in making a donation, the link is here;

Aaaaand this is a video of a guy in a zebra costume dancing in his yard.

You probably thought that Zebra was alive.


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