From the Supernatural to Storytelling?

Tuesday. Need to blog. Just wrote five thousand words through the big climax of Hallowtide and am le tired. But I wanted to get a blog up.

And I thought, I tell people all the time in vague and mysterious (and usually sexy) tangents about how my two biggest passions, the supernatural and storytelling go hand in hand (Yep. Super sexy, that), and I never wind up accounting for this connection. Naysayers say they go hand in hand because the supernatural is just a bunch of made up stories, but I’ll do you one better.

And I’ll explain it in terms of how I arrange part of my bookshelf. Ready? Ready.

Alright, let’s start with Astrophysics. From that we go to Quantum Theory and to parallel universes to a little bit of science and religion to paranormal technology to ghost hunting to GHOSTS to ghost stories to destructive haunting to possession to interdimensional beings to men in black to aliens to crop circles to astrology and tarot to psychics to meditation and astral projection to mystical experiences to philosophy of mysticism to alchemy to Taoism and Buddhism and Hinduism to philosophy of religion to Christianity to Islam and Judaism to Jungian theory to classical mythology to mythological structures, to Joseph Campbell to (side section here on all my research on Hell), to literary theory to deconstructionist theory to WRITING!, books on writing, how to write better, theory of writing, etcetera. (From there to how to write poetry to poetry to plays to canonical literature to fiction and off to all the directions that fiction will take us)/

Paranormal study is connected beyond events simply being odd, I trace through them and then start to make the link to mysticism, which lies at the heart of religions; the stories of religion are myths (which are not, as is commonly believed, necessarily fictitious; see “a traditional story, esp. one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically (but not necessarily) involving supernatural beings or events”) and from myths we get into storytelling and writing.

Do you have a satisfying collection of paranormal books or theory of how it all starts to link together? Think mine is bunk? Fill me in down below in the comments:

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