Big Announcement!

I maintain, it’s a funny thing, this paranormal field.

After GHI producers let me go in the spring of 2010, I met Callea Sherrill and started to work at the Stanley Hotel, leading the public ghost hunts on the weekends and did this for about a year, ending this past November, where I was again without a team or opportunity to investigate.

So I finished up my penultimate semester of college and dove headlong into my seven-year novel project Hallowtide, doing a full rewrite of the work I started in high school. This took me a good three months of the winter, writing late into the morning hours, before sleeping until noon and going to classes in the afternoons. Just this week, I finished the rewrite and now intend to let it sit for a few weeks before diving back into revisions when I have free time.

But in the way that doors open when another closes, as I’ve found is especially prevalent in the paranormal field, after the Stanley and then the chance to write the latest update of my novel, I’ve now signed to a new offer, to write the Colorado installment of Clerisy Press’s America’s Haunted Roadtrip series, which is a fantastic series of books exploring the cooler locations in your favorite states across the country. Whether you’re road tripping it with some buddies or you want a tour of the sites from your own living room, these books do both. Already the series has some fourteen installments. If you’d like more information on it, you can check out Clerisy’s website here;

The book is tentatively due out Fall of 2013, end of the world or not!

Which means that this summer and into the fall I’ll be traveling about Colorado, laptop in one hand, voice recorder in the other, crawling about in and researching some of Colorado’s most haunted and interesting public locations.

But now I also need your help. I’ve been compiling a list of notorious and little-known Colorado haunts and I always love good personal recommendations. Whether the coolest, prettiest, tastiest, or most importantly; most haunted, I want to know if you have a cool Colorado haunt. Fill me in by leaving a comment, sending an @reply on twitter, hitting up my facebook, or contacting me through my website. The only requirement is that it’s haunted, awesome, and open to the public.

4 thoughts on “Big Announcement!

  1. Ralph says:

    Hi Karl, there are a couple of good haunts in the Cripple Creek area you may like to have on your list for the new book. They are District Museum, The Outlaw and Lawmen’s Muesum, and the Elk’s Lodge (#316), and even the Butte Ophera House. All of these are open to the public, and you can contact me for more details if you like. Ralph.

  2. […] As I alluded up above, I’m working desperately under deadline for Hallowtide. I’ll elaborate more on that in the coming weeks after I get a bit of feedback. But right now I’m trying to polish this draft and get some feedback on whether I should greenlight a fall release for the novel. But keep that under wraps until I can lock down more solid information. Winks. Which is half the reason I’m not getting a real job for the summer, as the work that would go into publishing that will consume my time. That and the America’s Haunted Road Trip book. […]

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