Stanley Update and More!

After six months away, I thought I’d shoot you guys an update to let you all know that I am returning to do many of the public ghost hunts this summer at the Stanley Hotel!

The weekend public ghost hunts usually fall on Friday or Saturday evenings for five hours and we’ll take you around the concert hall and sometimes some of the other more haunted room while we investigate and look for activity. The hotel of course is one of the most active haunts in Colorado, if not the nation. I’ve been there many, many many times and hope to continue to have some great experiences. It’s a great time and I’d love to see you guys out there this summer! (Great excuse for a vacation. Cough).

This will be running alongside my other massive summer project which I’ll be posting about toward the end of this week or early next week!

Also, I’ve been making tweaks and revisions to my website,, so definitely check it out if you’ve got some time. Anything you don’t care for, let me know and I can see about making it smoother. There’s a bunch of little easter eggs and hints about projects that I haven’t made too public yet, so have some fun!

And further as well, if you didn’t catch the tweet and you’ll find yourself in Fort Collins on June 8th, myself and a good handful of Fort Collins fantastic young writers and poets will be reading at Avogadro’s Number that evening. More information about the event here; It’s free and I’d love the support!

Hope to see some of you out my way this summer!


4 thoughts on “Stanley Update and More!

  1. Patrick says:

    Haven’t done the public ghost hunt… but stayed 3 nights last spring on the 4th floor… and had the tour. I’d go back every year if it were closer… Absolutely love the Stanley’s beauty and character!

  2. Kiefer says:

    Karl, Good luck on the ghost hunts this season. I currently do the Concert Hall tours at the Stanley and I have had some decent things happen not only to myself but to my guests. I have no doubt that you’ll catch some good evidence. Cheers!

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