No vlog today. Not for a couple of days. Maybe not for  a couple of weeks.

Going on hiatus. Unplugging from the internet for a while. Except, I think, for twitter and the occasional blog.

I need to concern myself less with presenting what I’m doing and actually get busy doing what I set out to do in the first place.

I hope the first ten vlogs were a good look at what the next few weeks might be like; not glamorous, not adventurous, not really worth documenting every other day. Just getting down to work. On the road. Sitting in libraries and looking for ghosts and surfing friend’s couch to friend’s couch. Vlogs might still surface, but when they do I hope they’re more illustrative and interesting. If you’ve watched this far, thank you!

and no worries, big things in the next few weeks

One thought on “

  1. Patrick says:

    Understandable! Good luck!

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