High Park Fire Update

Computer is back up and running, so today, in following up on the High Park Fire burning west of Fort Collins in the hills, I’ve got my panoramic shot of Horsetooth Reservoir, the damn on the right along with the glow of the city, the hills ahead where car headlights cut through the fog of smoke, and then the fire burning along the hills on the other side.

Below are two time lapse videos I shot from Loveland on Monday the tenth and a slight bit of the smoke clouds later that evening.

And here are two related time lapse videos of the fire from KDVR Denver that I did not shoot but found quite awe-some. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcUlSFndciI&feature=relmfu and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbVOpvMVtFw&feature=related

From Fort Collins on Monday evening along Overland Trail. Hundreds of cars drove by in hopes of getting to the reservoir, only to be turned down by police. So instead they drove Overland like it was the main drag in the fifties, parking along the sides while watching and wondering.



One thought on “High Park Fire Update

  1. Jeramey says:

    Hey Karl, I thought some of these pictures were pretty cool. I found them while reminiscing about the fires over the summer. I snagged two pics and credited you for them in my BLOG from June titled “Separation”. Let me know if you want me to take them down.

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