You begin with rejecting materialism, that fundamental staple of the West. Americana. You’ve survived if you could buy a home and support a family. You’ve thrived if you could buy nice things for them and for yourself. Wealth has become the yardstick of our society.

And you define the ridiculousness of such a yardstick. It’s only stuff. These books are only slices of trees and ink. Your clothes are woven threads. Your car only metal and gasoline. That we cling to these things, that we hold them above all else, is meaningless. Your house burns down. You’ve lost four walls, however shiny or complex. You’ve lost the stuff within. You remain. You are still alive and so you’ve thrived.

But reducto ad absurdum. Wander the outdoors and find stimulation in the running of wild animals. The world around us is just as arbitrary. Trees are only wooden sprouts. Grass is only a weed. These elements and objects, however fundamental, have only as much meaning as we supply. Are they so different from your flashy car and tailored clothes?

If meaning is only so where we attach it, we can only combat the absurd, the nihilism, the meaningless, with the challenge of putting good meaning to those things we hold close.

If we’re going to worship, choose. And then create. And in what you create, hold close, find a resonance. And know that the value of such creation is not within the object itself. So burn your words and wipe away the art in your sand and shed no tears when they’re gone.


3 thoughts on “Absurdity

  1. This could not come at a better time for me. Today, well the 21st I turned 30. Everyone was asking me about feeling older and all day my mind was thinking about how I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday, last year, 10 years ago. Time is nothing. Things are nothing. In the past 30 years I have had cars, clothes, people, love, come and go and ultimately in this moment right now I feel the same. Nothing has changed, We have to live. Change perception. The amazing part is I have the power of “my” perception. I can live this year with the perception that it will be forever memorable or I can perceive my age as but a curse of humanity. You have done it again. Got me thinking. Thanks. Great job.

  2. glen p says:

    Ho-lee crap. What a well written blog post

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