FAQ! That’s not a clever way of writing a curse word. It’s an acronym.

This is the blog where I take your questions, and this time they’re answering the most common questions my blog gets from Google searches. Boom here we go:

The Devil Inside Spoiler:

It’s a possession movie. Lots of people die and levitate and scream and stuff and its thematically a giant letdown. If that doesn’t help you look more like a tough BAMF for your girlfriend you prolly should find a chick who likes romcoms instead.

What’s the symbol in paranormal activity 3? 

Probably just bastardized occult symbols that people can now connote with Satanism more than they already did. This website seems to do them pretty good justice. Now that you know, when you put them on your roommate’s wall, be sure to use dark crimson paint, not any cheap fire-engine red crap. And if the portals to Hell open, just play dumb.

Meaning of Paranormal Activity 3

Life sucks and then you die.

And also sometimes negative paranormal occurrences are hereditary. And apparently zombie possessions too.

What happens on night 13 of Paranormal Activity 3?

Ghost stuff.

What is Hallowtide?

Hallowtide is the title of my first novel, which I’m trying for a release this fall.

The Hallowtide are the days surrounding the Halloween holiday. ‘Tide” being ‘time’ (like ‘yuletide). And to be hallowed is to be honored as holy. In the Catholic Church, All Hallow’s Day is November first, All Saint’s Day. All Hallow’s Eve is the eve of the Saint’s Day. These two are followed by All Souls Day. Collectively the holiday has mixed differently folkloric and religious traditions into a celebration that now studies, reveres, and fears those passed before us, and is now debated between being an evil holiday and a set of holy days.

Lucy Stanley Hotel

Lucy is the name of one of the Stanley’s more famous and recent spirits. After Mr. Stanley died in 1940, the hotel was passed down from owner to owner, who struggled to sustain the hotel against mounting costs. By 1977, the Concert Hall had fallen to a state of such disrepair that it was condemned and would have been bulldozed except that they couldn’t afford even a bulldozer. When the hotel landed on the National Register of Historic Places, the workers went into the Concert Hall to see what renovations they could do to keep it on the list, and there they found a young woman living there. She was in her late teens or early twenties, had a fight with her parents, ran away from home and now was living out of the concert hall. Of course, they couldn’t let her stay, and she later died from exposure in the town of Estes Park. We think she’s still at the hotel because that was where she was safe, warm, and to some extent, happy. She’s now one of our sweetest and most friendly spirits. More blog posts about the Stanley Hotel and its strange stories, and evidence can be found here.

Who was Paul Stanley Hotel

Paul is the spirit of a maintenance man who worked at the hotel from 1995 to 2005. When shoveling snow in 2005 he started to have a heart attack and tried to drive himself to the hospital and didn’t make it. In his fifties or so, he’s a grumpy spirit with a sense of humor who makes sure things are still running as well as possible, mostly in the Concert Hall.

Is Grave Encounters Real? 

Yep. Just like all found footage movies.

Grave Encounters and Ghost Adventures

The movie Grave Encounters was a found footage style horror film that told the story of a group of paranormal investigators filming a TV Show whose case goes all to hell. It’s based loosely on styles of and often nods to the popular paranormal shows out there, including Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and Paranormal State. Beyond that, if a House of Leaves style hallway ever actually appeared IRL, Travel Channel is going to have a heyday. And no, GA nor Zak had nothing to do with the show except in inspiration.

Is Madame Vera at the Stanley Hotel real?

I hope so. I’ve seen her. Oh, like a real psychic? She’s blown the minds of many people I’ve known at the hotel. Vera is the resident psychic at the hotel, and gives readings to guests out of her small office in the lower level of the main building. Often, I hear stories of uncanny knowledge about things unconfessed almost immediately during readings. More on Vera here.

karl pfieffer

Pfeiffer. It’s ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’… and apparently ‘f’s if you’re a young writerly ghost hunting freshly out of college type. In German tho, as far as I can tell, the “EI” sound makes the long “eye” sound, and “IE” makes the long “eee” sound. That said, there’s every version under the sun these days. But most importantly, even if google doesn’t correct you, I think you wound up in the right place anyway, and welcome. I’m Karl Pfeiffer. I write. I hunt ghosts.


A Crocotta is a dog-like creature of folklore that likely stems from stories of hyenas. Said to lurk at the edges of farmer’s fields and mimic human voices and cries for help, it lures farmers and citizens to their deaths, where it consumes them. It’s also the name of the short film that AJ Street made for his senior project in college that follows my short story, Dreamland Crocotta (found here). The film will be released online in the fall.

Pig Man Stanley Hotel

See this.

Pig bear thing, Shining movie.

See this.

Telepathy Art. 

I don’t know anything about this… BUT NOW I MUST


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many kittens does the devil eat a day?

  2. Patrick says:

    And now I feel smarter! 🙂

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