Science and Complete Explanations

Question for you guys (and I hope you chime in): Has science every fully explained a phenomena?

I posted my thoughts on the $5 million grant for Near Death Experiences called the Immortality Project a couple weeks ago and a gentleman commented that he’s written a book that has “completely explained” the NDE phenomena. Regardless of whether the man has or not, I was called to wonder if science has every “completely explained” anything? Or if that’s even considered a realistic goal of science?

Google has a snarky opinion on the matter.

And I don’t mean this in any condescending way. Or tongue-in-cheek I’m-a-ghost-hunter-and-hate-science way. I mean really. We have mathematical explanations for gravity that work… but they stop working in relativistic physics. Einstein worked up a new set of rules but still nobody understands what gravity even is and we’ve yet to find a unifying theory for the basic forces of the universe… The Atom model was incomplete and continues to be reduced further and further. It seems as much as we continue to uncover, our “advancements of science” are indeed incredible advancements and revelations, but as for completion, in any area…

We have great theories, incredible leaps in medicine and in space, and there are many things that we can say we know.

But for every answer science seems to find, we seem to discover a number of new questions. It’s like a season of LOST.

It seems that the mystery is the nature of the beast.

So I’m just curious. Scientists, academics, laymen: Has science ever “completely” explained any phenomena? And are there any inherent problems in concluding that we have?


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