The first Hallowtide excerpt drops tomorrow. But what is this weighty novel actually about you wonder? The unofficial synopsis exclusively here:

It’s October 2006. Will Andrews is is in his final semester in college. At night when he sleeps, he holds his girlfriend Jennifer close and he dreams about Hell. His therapist urges him to finally look into the shooting he survived in high school five years before, suggesting that these nightmares may be one part of himself desperately trying to communicate with the other. 

But the deeper he digs, the further the lines between reality and fiction are blurred, and he finds himself in a place where nightmare bleeds into memory, the spiritual leaks into the physical, and the world as he knows it threatens dissolving entirely.

Both heart-wrenchingly beautiful and deeply harrowing, Hallowtide combines Jungian theory with echoes of classic descent narratives, deconstructing western philosophy, depression, religion, and the 21st Century sense of self, while following one young man’s fall into Stygian wasteland, and the journey that will change him forever.


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