Taking a brief aside from all the Hallowtide publicity, I thought I’d post my answer to an interesting email I got last night.

This group [I might join] in particular uses a lot of different equipment, but seems to focus a lot on dowsing or divining rods. I was just curious to get your take on dowsing rods and whether or not you’ve used them.


I have been around dowsing rods a fair amount these past few months. I’m still very skeptical about them, but they seem to be onto something just the same. The critical side of me points out that they’re incredibly easy to manipulate, consciously or not. I think that as people try to hold their hands steady, they’re not nearly as steady as they think. They never move for me. On the other hand, I could very well be working against any “spiritual energy” in my effort to try and stay as steady as possible, and causing the opposite effect.

But they have seemed to provide some pretty accurate information for those that use them. And I’ve heard many times that when they do cross, the pull is *significant* and stands against any natural drift. Whichever is the case, I’m most compelled by good evidence, which is to say employing double blind techniques. Assuming the spirits can manipulate two sets at the same time, have investigators sit back to back and see if responses align. Or have one investigator wait out of earshot and then bring them in and ask the questions a second time. (Just make sure the spirits know what you’re up to and don’t get annoyed at the hassel. They’re people too!)

(There’s also that idea that spirits might have to get very intimate with your own energy to use them, so be sure to keep yourself protected just in case).

No matter how much I trust an investigator, I’ve still got too much doubt in one set of responses alone. And I’m always for validation. But definitely go for it! They certainly seem to be an interesting tool when used critically. Good luck!

Dowsing Rods: Friend or Foe?


4 thoughts on “Dowsing Rods: Friend or Foe?

  1. Patrick says:

    “There’s also that idea that spirits might have to get very intimate with your own energy to use them, so be sure to keep yourself protected just in case.”

    Totally never thought about this.

  2. Mike Palmer says:

    You have some very valid points. I have some of the same reservations as you do. My team has used them since its inception seven years ago to some varying degree of success. We always use them along with audio recorders and EMF meters. If one of these instruments back up the response of the rods so more the better. We also use a “fail safe question” to help determine valid responses. The question we use is, “Are you a purple dinosaur?” I have also experienced the rods having a strong magnetic pull, and this very odd because brass isn’t a conductor.

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