Talking to a Dishwasher With a K2 Meter!

Today I want to talk to you guys about K2 meters and the Rule of Five. Odds are you’ve probably heard of a K2 meter, but you haven’t heard of the Rule of Five (Probably because I made up the Rule of Five, but I’ll get to that in a second).

First the K2 Meter, ghost hunting device, electrician’s tool. It measures EMF.

Scientists would like to say that if you’re going to measure EMF on an investigation, you have to know your sources, think critically about it, and get down to the heart of what’s actually sending out that signal.

I like to say that if you’re getting responses for twenty minutes in perfect answer to your questions, you’re probably not talking to a stray signal from a washing machine. (Unless of course it’s a really smart washing machine, which would be paranormal in its own right, but not quite what we’re looking for).

But this opens up problems between the Experiential Investigator (the person just doing it to have an experience of the paranormal) and the Scientific Investigator (the person writing a proof, or trying to understand what’s happening empirically).

Quick secret, you don’t have to be a “scientific investigator” to do a paranormal investigation.

Quick secret about the secret, you should probably learn as much as you possibly can about the subject anyway.

Which is why I’m doing this vlog right now. We have a huge trend right now in experiential investigators. We have to educate ourselves. I’ve seen way too many people go through the Stanley Hotel believing every little thing is a spirit. (Which isn’t to say that I blame them, most have never done this before, but there is a trend in that SO many people now are joining teams, creating teams, and investigating as a hobby EVERYWHERE, that we need to cover our basics).

So, speaking about the K2, we need to cover the device and this idea of  justified “perfect answers to your questions” as an acceptable substitute for “scientifically investigating.”

So the rest of this will come at you in five points.

Point ONE: If you don’t already know, some people theorize that as a spirit manifests, it produces EMF at the frequency that a K2 registers, or they can take this EMF from somewhere else, and reproduce it to communicate back and forth.

But, point TWO: Just because your K2 is going off, doesn’t mean it’s a ghost.

Which leads to point THREE: K2 meters are set off by EVERYTHING. Cell phones. Wireless signals. Walkie talkies. GPS. All of these communication signals that we have around us all the time, K2 meters pick up on those.

Point FOUR: The Rule of Five. Storytime. So I’m sitting up at the Stanley Hotel a number of months ago, we’re sitting in Lucy’s room with a group of about fifteen people, and the K2 meter starts going off. Now it’s going off a little different than normally. It flickers eight times in succession, then pauses for twenty or thirty seconds before going off eight times again.

Now I’m thinking mechanical. My gut instinct as a technical investigator, if it’s that repetitive, it’s probably mechanical.

Meanwhile, I start timing the intervals in my head, then with my iphone, and about the time I realize for sure that there’s twenty or thirty seconds between each flicker, I decide to write it off. But in the time it took me to do this, the group had already built up a whole story. Which isn’t hard to do.

By getting “yes” confirmations at every twenty seconds, you can build a conversation. Are you a woman? No. Are you a man? Yes. Okay. Are you a spirit from the Stanley Hotel with us? No. Are you the spirit of someone in this room with us right now? Yes.

What I’ve seen from enough instances like this though, is that the spirit stops making sense around four or five questions.


Because for one, it’s not a spirit. But for two, it’s because you’ve built up enough of a specific story that you start to expect answers around then, and then it stops giving you the answers that you want. You start asking more, targeted questions that you’re expecting a “yes” answer to, and less questions you’re expecting a “no” answer to. So you’d expect that the frequency of the “yes” answers would increase, but it doesn’t, because it’s on a specific, twenty to thirty second signal.

So point FIVE, ask good critical questions. Ask the same questions in a different way twice and hold the spirit very accountable for those answers.

Now, is this a hard and fast rule? No. Maybe the spirit takes a little extra time to rebuild their energy again before they answer you again so quickly. Maybe it takes them some time to get their bearings back before answering the second question. Maybe they can only answer five questions before losing their energy and maybe it’s really hard for them to come through on one of these devices.

But because information is so crucial in this field right now, and people think we’re crazy enough already, we have to be as specific as possible.

Now, unfortunately for the spirits, this could get a little bit annoying, but as is the nature of the beast, we have to hold these spirits to a standard that we can get this “evidence” as specific and sure as possible.

Karl Pfeiffer is a writer, ghost hunter, and blogger/vlogger. He won the first season of the pilot reality series Ghost Hunters Academy, and went on to work with the Ghost Hunters International team on the same network. Since then he’s lead the weekend ghost hunts at the Stanley Hotel, studied religion and writing at Colorado State University, and published his first novel, Hallowtide, in October of 2012. More can be found at


11 thoughts on “Talking to a Dishwasher With a K2 Meter!

  1. Patrick says:

    My team learned our lesson with having smart phones in the same room as a K-2 and other EMF meters a long time ago. I can’t believe I still see so many investigators use their phones on investigations. We’re now a “check your phone in at the desk” kind of team. 🙂

  2. Ralph says:

    Reblogged this on Beyond Reason, and commented:
    This a great article… sadly I have seen a couple of teams that did actually “speak” to appliances.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry guys, I just can’t se how a device with range to “20+” mG can detect anything. Given that Earths’ magnetic field ranges from 200 to 600 mG, it must be useles.

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      I’m not really sure how you mean. A K2 with it’s goofy color-defined “ranges” is obviously no tool for the scientific investigator. But it’s not useless. It absolutely detects EMF radiation, specifically from appliances, as it was designed for. It’s not sensitive enough/designed to pick up on Earth’s magnetic field. You’d have to get a different meter to measure those levels. As far as whether “spirits” manipulate appliance-level radiation or earth-level, that’s a matter of experimentation and results.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just thought, that Earth’s magnetic field must turn all the LEDs on, if the range of this device really is between 0 and 20 mG. But I may be wrong and it is callibrated to range of 0 to 20 mG above the Earth’s magnetic field value. (Sorry for my English)

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      No worries! And well, to be technical then, the K2 measures between 50 and 1,000 Hz, as well as 1,000 to 20,000Hz. This covers the range of most home appliances, which put off EMF around 60 Hz in the US. Being so unshielded, it’s also set off by communications signals that resonate in its bandwidth. It’s also not sensitive enough to pick up on the ELF frequencies that many investigators believe spirits to be actually manipulating.

      The earth’s magnetic field is actually a different type of energy than electromagnetism, and requires a different device, a magnetometer, to read it. So the K2 EMF meter is useful if a spirit is manipulating EMF energies within the Hz range it measures. However, if spirits only manipulate magnetic energies, it would be useless, yes. But we don’t know that yet.

  5. Mr D says:

    lol @ ghost hunters, with todays technology there still is no evidence whatsoever, most people have a HD camera in their pocket and exactly the same as UFOs, there is nothing more than a crappy out of focus blurry too dark to see image, ghost hunters spend hours at night getting excited over clicks and squeaks in a building that clicks and squeaks anyway, its a joke, no such thing as ghosts, and no such thing as ghost hunters, just a group of scammers or fools chasing nothing and wasting money on expensive gear that measures real world things, why would anything in this world be able to measure anything not of this world? It couldn’t, to see a ghost you have to be a ghost, and hilarious that you guys listen to AM receivers as your ‘spirit boxes’ – when we die we become dj’s now do we? Don’t make me laugh, why would a ghost suddenly transmit on the AM ? haha, we can’t transmit radio waves when we are alive, so when there is even less of us, just our spirit (which is already inside of us, no? ) would we suddenly be able to transmit radio waves? Geez you guys must have literally no hope in life to run around believing all that rubbish, I’ve got a night vision camera, I can turn off all the lights in here and make orbs appear, and make them seem to move intelligently, I call it dust and wind illuminated by very bright IR LEDs close to the lens, I can make AM radios speak to me, even without an antenna, I use a CB Radio in the same room as the receiver, everything you guys call evidence is extremely easily explained. Bunch of jokers

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