I want to go ahead and piggy-back off that last blog with this blog. In the last vlog we talked about deconstructing and dividing these ideas between what is “scary” and what is “evil. Now, the obvious place I want to go with this is to apply it to ghost hunting.

Historically speaking, hauntings have always been fodder for horror movies. And so investigating hauntings is easy to present as a “dangerous” profession, or at least a risky and exciting one for television. That’s why we get all these ghost hunting teams on television who present themselves like badasses. I would know! I did that for a while and I’d love to do it again.

But so, in our present state of media-driven ghost popularity, we get these recurring ideas of how “dangerous” it is to ghost hunt.

Now there’s absolutely real dangers out there. Every thing I say in this vlog can have an asterisk footnote that says “unless you’re dealing with something really bad.” A point about that: it’s rare as Hell. If you want to know what stuff like that REALLY looks like:

Read THIS BOOK. Or THIS BOOK. Or THIS BOOK. And if you’re really worried about those real dangers and how they present themselves (usually in Christian terms), you’ll be left with a better idea of how the darkness really acts in the world around us (at least as far as we know).

But what I want to address right now is toward the deconstruction of the evil-nature of many spirits.

Let’s look at evil situation number 1: A spirit following you home.

Everyone is super freaked about this lately, and it’s the number two question everyone likes to ask para-celebs at events.

Point of order: for the most part, it’s not scary. It’s awkward.

Most spirits we deal with. MOST. Are human spirits. With human wants and human attachments. If one follows you home, it’s because they like you. Or they want something from you. One is awkward if you don’t want a new roommate. The other isn’t frightening. Watch the Sixth Sense again and play it cool.

Like any other human being, things get worse when you don’t treat a spirit with respect. If you don’t want the there, ask them politely to leave. If that doesn’t help, being assertive goes a long way.

Evil situation number 2: ANYTHING ghostly that happens at your house.

Same goes. It’s your house. You don’t want to take your work home with you. You don’t want to bother with energy drains and creepy people watching you sleep. But simply because you see a black figure standing by your bed. Or because you get a dark feeling in your chest and it feels bad. Or because you hear a growl. None of that means it’s evil.

Ghosts have to appear somehow, often times it’s what we’ve always labeled as “creepy.” But so was that guy with all the tattoos and the biker boots who helped you pick up your groceries when you dropped them that one time. Dark feelings in our chests are usually indicators of the presence of a spirit. Not necessarily it’s mood. It’s usually an energy drain. Or just the funky feeling that accompanies a spirit’s presence. (Which could even be due to ions, if you see the last blog or read THIS BOOK.).

Growls happen. Maybe they want your attention. Maybe it’s a ghost dog. Maybe it’s a ghost with indigestion. In fact, even the most evil seeming stuff isn’t evil. Look at Evil situation number 3:

I want to tell a story now, but I can’t for the life of me find where I got it from. Part of me wants to say it was shared by Andy Coppock and Michelle Brown, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, there was this hospital in California. Run down. Abandoned. Creepy as hell. And apparently there was a very angry spirit in the basement who would curse and throw objects and make a big scare. Instead of calling it a demon and yelling at it, they sat down, said “dispense with the bull,” and had a conversation about why the spirit was so upset. What they learned was that the spirit was a patient at the hospital in the sixties or seventies, who wound up dying on the operating table because of a surgeon’s mistake. So he took it upon himself to scare way anyone he could so that the same thing didn’t happen to them. He still sees the hospital as functioning.

This I think is a classic example of a situation that seems negative, but is actually very human and very understandable. MOST of the spirits we deal with on investigation are human beings dealing with human problems. If they’re angry, it’s for a reason. If they’re attached to something, it’s for a reason.

So before you freak out, understand what’s happening. Be confident. Be assertive. And above all else, be respectful. Like any bully, even the bad stuff has a hard time getting to you if you’re confident. If you don’t react. If you don’t let yourself get scared (which can be very hard, for sure).

This way you have the tools to deal with it if it is a grumpy human being, and you’re already reasonably well protected emotionally if it turns out to be something darker or more persistent (which usually seeks to draw out negative energy from you). Where we talk about energies and attitudes on a regular basis, being positive when dealing with ANY entity is paramount.

Next week I’ll be getting controversial and covering evil situation number 4: There’s no topic that freaks more people out than bringing up the terrible and cursed portal to hell plastic board game…

The Ouija Board.

Until then, be positive, be respectful, and rock on with your bad selves.

Karl Pfeiffer is a writer, ghost hunter, and blogger/vlogger. He won the first season of the pilot reality series Ghost Hunters Academy, and went on to work with the Ghost Hunters International team on the same network. Since then he’s lead the weekend ghost hunts at the Stanley Hotel, studied religion and writing at Colorado State University, and published his first novel, Hallowtide, in October of 2012. More can be found at www.KarlPfeiffer.com

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  1. Emily says:

    First if all there are no spirits that watch you sleep only believe the bible saying that instead let the angels watch you sleep. Also you can however talk with a spirit by recordings and cemetery’s . And make deals with the devil and talk to dead relatives . And some of that can happen for other people can’t happen for example if you really , really really talk to your dead grandmother you can try communicating by prayers,tale recordings and things that are fun not scary be real people don’t believe things that aren’t true . Only believe it if your positive about it . 😉
    Dearly ,
    Emily Landaverde
    P.S I do believe in spirits but not talk too much about demons and etc. that are not very precise

  2. Cheryl Thomas says:

    I’m tired of fighting evil alone I feel like poison is in my body and potions I don’t use drugs or drink I am an angel from heaven I have a curse of death on my life I want to trace the killer my so called family cursed me they laid to rest 4 family members Christian don’t die we live in Jesus name I love God I am faithful I thank God for all my chances to live I also here voices and see spirits demons and ghosts I have a gift I use it to change spells I just figured out why I am here God wants. Me to help people in a spiritual way to heal people an angel lives on earth to help people change from. Evil to good we have a spiritual war I choose the sword of truth to conquer evil to live through Jesus I was murdered came back to life I am here to testify truth remove all jealous envious demons money is not right it’s evil true it’s dirty it lies it’s against GOD. Thank you have a God witness day 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Emily you are so wrong. Don’t think that you’re experience is only type. would you like to experience a shadow person watchn you sleep come to my place. And he is no angle. His name is mike he’s a black shadow person. And I’ve Ben woke to him standing next to my head watching me sleep several times. And when I fall back to sleep and he don’t get his way by getting me up when I fall back to sleep hell start poking me all over my body until I get up. Now tell me how is that an angle! He’s thrown a pineapple across my kitchen. He’s yelled into my ear get up. The energy he gives off is anxiety. Stress hyperactive..when I try to go to bed and he don’t want me to he keeps around under my bed I hear him. He’s even crawls into my bed to scare me out of it. You tell me this is an angle. Heck not. Open your eyes u have a lot to learn.

    • MANDY says:

      I am experiencing the same thing! This evil thing pokes me when i try to sleep, it touches my hair and growls. It’s like I am not allowed to sleep. My priest said I should ignore it, and it will go away but now I am not sure if ignoring it works because its been 4 months and its still there.

      Can someone please help me, I need to know how to get rid of this thing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have lived with spirits for many years.well I live with a spirit that calls himself mike. He’s a pest. When my son is here with me nothing but when my son goes to his dads for visitation mike is a pain in my butt. So eager for my attention. Over the years I’ve become a night person. He’s here with me now. I just saw a black shadow movement out of the corner of my eye. He likes attention. I keep a diary of what I experience. One night I was wrighting that I thought that mike was evil. Even sayn this creeps me out. But as I wrote I thought he was evil I herd a laugh like two feet away from me. I was like whatever.was like two am no TV on totally quiet.here we go the noises start. I just turned music on cuz I’m ignoring him to try to get rid of him. Well for years I’ve seen him in black shadow masses or as shadow person. Well about a month ago I woke up to go to the bathroom at about one pm as I turned twords my door I saw him in full body aperition in color.he was halfway threw my door looking at me he had on a black tux dark blond hair brush back kind look on his face. Very handsome. Seeing him in this form really changed how I viewed him. But then I have people telling me evil can be very deceiving. So I don’t know how to feel. He’s never hurt me. He just doesn’t let me sleep always when I want to. I tryd to set that boundary but he never listens. And I’ve tryd every way there is. to get rid of him and nothing has worked nothing. If he’d leave me alone when I want to sleep he wouldn’t even bother me.s

  5. Shawn Ring says:

    Today while I was sleeping I was woke to three knocks on my door.so I got up and left my apartment for a bit. Then I came back and went back to sleep. This time I was woke to my door being opend. I went back to sleep later I was woke to what sounded like a female saying get up. Note the spirit that haunts me is male. I ignore and go back to sleep then again what sounds like a woman says get up. I just went back to sleep. See I’ve tryd every method to get rid of this spirit n many dif type of people have tryd to cross this spirit that calls himself mike but he won’t listen to anybody. So as a last resort I’ve found is to ignore him and I no longer call him by his name he’s it now. And I’m wondering if that’s why he tryd to sound like a lady. I am a scencative and a bad speller. And there is no woman haunting me. Does anybody have any thoughts about this.

  6. blah says:

    why would anything watch you sleep? its so boring . Like what would the not alive get out of that ?

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