Ghost Hunters Cruise 2013

Back from the Ghost Hunter Cruise to the hot dry spring of Colorado, one camera short, a wealth of new friends and experiences and photographs. Many photographs.

The cruise sailed north from Los Angeles after an overnight on the Queen Mary. Stops included San Francisco,

San Fran 2

Alcatraz, Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Mexcio. My first cruise and it was fantastic. Blue skies and warm breezes and great company and the promise of many ghosts.

Lectures by evening. Ghost tours by day. Ghost hunts sprinkled throughout (with plans for more on future sails). It was exhausting and scorching and wonderful. I know most of us don’t have money for cruises and the like (I certainly don’t, it was by luck and good friends that I wound up on this), but should you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s so choice. 

Plans are being made for another cruise in 2014, and there’s chatter of a Halloween cruise this October.

Long Beach at Night

Catalina Coast 3

Catalina Coast 7

Baz 1

Alcatraz 2



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One thought on “Ghost Hunters Cruise 2013

  1. Patrick says:

    Wow! Yes, please.

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