Wyoming Territorial Prison HDR Work

Just a quick blog post to share a couple HDR photos that I shot this weekend on an investigation in Laramie, Wyoming at the state’s first territorial prison. The ParaFPI TAPS Family team out of Denver gave a lecture and I floated along with them. Later in the evening, during our investigation, we experienced some compelling activity, from objects moving to disembodied voices to distinct presences.

I managed to get away during a passing storm and the twilight hour to get some quick photos. This was my first real attempt at playing with HDR, and I’ve got to say I’m thrilled.






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5 thoughts on “Wyoming Territorial Prison HDR Work

  1. Love the pictures Karl, they are so vibrant

  2. Beautiful! I love them! Funny that until now I thought this was just something my iPhone did. Clearly that is a pretend function after seeing these beautiful shots!

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      Thank you! HDR is, at its most basic, combining multiple exposures of a shot so that you don’t get black silhouettes or blown out skies. The iphone does a–well–a smart-phone’s version of that, but nothing more. Most of the magic of the professional looking HDR is in the photoshopping and playing with the contrast and color and whatnot after the HDR has been assembled. The poor iphone is less pretend and more just a crappy version of the first step in a multiple step process!

  3. Pernela Chea says:

    May I download them? I would like to use them for a homework, I’ll give credit as well.

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