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Fog and Fotos

Angels-and-Demons-For-WebDriving home from a Stanley hunt, the skies were clear over Estes Park and most of the canyon. When I left the mountains and hit the front range, driving into Loveland, I hit a massive fog bank that had swallowed the town. Fog is rare in Colorado — only a couple times a year rare — and perhaps because of its rarity, it has become my favorite kind of weather. After getting home, I grabbed my camera gear and swung back out to a nearby parking lot to shoot. 

The two self-portraits were more practice for the 365-day photo challenge I’ll be undertaking in the new year than anything particularly serious.

It was a fantastic way to transition to the winter solstice, fifteen degrees, with the world surrounded in mist.

I’m not one for naming my photos. I find it tacky. Usually names only try to get at something the art is doing well to speak about on its own. But I like them when they add something. The photo above is called “Solstice (Angels and Demons)”.



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Speedlites and Sunsets

AJ-For-Web-11Stole my filmmaker buddy AJ again while he was in town last week. He wanted some more headshots to choose from and I was happy to oblige. Of course, it came with the steep price of his being my guinea pig to test out what I’ve been wanting to try for a couple weeks now, which is shooting portraits in front of a sunset.

These last couple months, I’ve been very passionate about portrait photography (pretty straightforward) as well as shooting HDR landscapes (which combines different exposures to get high-contrast images that more or less allow you to control where you’d like the light to fall in the shot without blowing out highlights or losing silhouettes). The joys of buying a speedlite mean that I can more or less combine both in camera. By exposing for the sunset first, you then fill in with the flash until you’ve got a nice blend of both sky and subject. I think I managed it pretty well for a first try.

Obviously, we had a lot of fun playing around before that key twilight moment I was waiting for. The sun didn’t disappoint. All these following shots use the speedlite (some with a touch of reflector) to help lessen the harsher shadows from the sun, balance out the background, and later, the sky.






If you dig the photos, they’re just a taste of what’ll be coming as 2014 swings into action and I get more photo work. If you want to get ahead of the curve, I just built a Facebook fan page for my photography specifically, and you’re welcome to browse, interact, and like it — if you like. It’s just right here.

And then after we finished shooting AJ, I couldn’t say no to juggling my flash along with my camera to shoot AJ and his boyfriend, Ben.





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Cyber Monday Pfeiffer Store

Welcome to’s Cyber Monday hotspot! If you remember from last year, I tend to run Cyber Monday deals for a couple of weeks to give you plenty of time to pick them up for yourself. This year’s special is making autographed copies dirt cheap as well as introducing some new products that won’t be widely available until later in 2014. (Digital copies of my work are always cheap. Just boogie over to and search for me. They’re only a buck right now).

So grab yourself some Egg Nog, kick back, scroll the post here, click the pictures of the items you’d like, and they’ll take you to a nice PayPal page to place your order.


1. I want to note first that you pay for shipping on each item individually. It’s five dollars each (except the posters, those are three). The two-book special is considered a single item, and though I may have to ship both individually, you only pay for it as one item. So browse smart. 

2. Also, if you’d like your book made out to someone specifically, please leave that information where prompted, in a special message to me with that information. Otherwise you’ll just get a note and my vandalism. 

3. Be sure to leave your shipping information! I don’t want to have to track you down all over the interwebz.

4. I can’t guarantee any orders arrivals before Christmas, but I can guarantee that I’ll try my damndest. Shipping is often fast, and I’ll be sure to rush the shipments on the back end. But we are only three weeks out, so be sure to place your order as quickly as you can on your end too.

Autographed Books:

An autographed copy of my first novel, Hallowtide: a 500-page psychological thriller with heavy mystical overtones, following one man’s descent into Hell. I’ve knocked off 25%, so this guy is going for 15$ plus shipping. 
Hallowtide-3D-Book-2An autographed copy of my second book, Into A Sky Below, Forever. Blending short work of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, this book explores the boundaries between what’s real and what’s artifice, as well as studying cycles and the way life comes back around as we’re born, grow up, fall in love, fall out of love, have babies, die, and are born again. Same as Hallowtide, this guy is also at 15$ plus shipping.

Into-a-Sky-Below-3D-2The third and final book package is the two book special. You get a copy of both Hallowtide as well as Into a Sky Below, Forever, with even more money knocked off for buying them both. Where normally they run $40.00 before shipping, you can buy both these babies for $25.00 plus shipping.

2-Book-Deal11×17 Posters

These are 11×17 poster prints that I used to promote Hallowtide and Into a Sky Below. The first is the iconic Hell-O’Lantern cover of the first novel. The second is the Pig-Man print of the entity witnessed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, as explored in Into a Sky Below. 

Each poster is five dollars, and come signed. If you do not want vandalism, leave a message with the paypal payment.


Pig-Man-ColorAnd if you’d like both posters, they’re discounted to only be $8.00 with additional shipping.


Photography Prints

And finally, last but not least is our bigger ticket item. I’m starting to segue into selling photo prints, and I wanted to get something up early before Christmas for you guys. I’m selling two different prints of the Chapel on the Rock in Allenspark, Colorado, which survived a fire in 2011 and a mudslide in September of 2013. It now sits above a desolated site. The imagery still moves me, religious or otherwise, and these are two of my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

I’m selling two different prints of the Blasted Church series, one in black and white and the other in color, taken the day before. Each will be 15×10 and will cost $40.00 plus $5.00 in shipping. Because of print speeds, there will be about a week delay in shipping, so if you’re interested in receiving either of these prints for Christmas, be sure to place the order as soon as possible, and I’ll do everything I can for you on this end.



As always, I’m not a big business and I don’t sell to so many people that I can’t speak to you one on one. So if you have any questions or concerns about the products or the shipping, do please drop me a line through Facebook, my website, or email — or even in the comments down below if it’s general enough.

Thank you for browsing, I do hope you can support a starving artist by picking something up, but I appreciate your time regardless! Happy Holidays to you and yours,


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Photoblog: These are the Ghoulies

Ghoulies-TeaseSpent my Friday night hanging out with these crazy fools, the Ghoulies. They’re a punk band out of Denver, Colorado, and they have a damn good time on stage. (You might recognize Connor if you’ve done a ghost hunt at the Stanley Hotel with the two of us).

The band booked me for some shots before performing at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado. Buffalo Rose was a bad ass place. Grungy and dingy but with big booming speakers, a fantastic staff, and a nice front end, it was a sick place to bang out something loud.

They banged out the tunes. I banged out the shots. These are my favorites. After shooting some 1500 photos over the course of the night, both band shots and live shots, I’ve been deleting and editing until my fingers hurt. But these are the fruits and I couldn’t be happier.

It was another experiment in flash photography at twilight, and I’m still in love with it. The lack of softbox or umbrella gives a lot of the photos a harsh look, but that works for these guys. And I’m still wigging about shooting this dark with 100 ISO. You can’t beat the sharpness.

Anyway, have a look, give their stuff a listen. This song is perhaps my favorite. They closed with it, and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the night. It’s called Backdoor Man.





Ghoulies-For-Web-7And this is the set from their live show. I creeped about during sound check and the show to get the best angles I could. I took about a thousand photos during the live element (trying to keep my shutter fast enough to avoid motion blur, catch the action without silly expressions, and nail the focus in an already-very dim but often backlit room was hard as hell, and it was easy to spray and pray when I caught an angle I liked). I got maybe 25 that I liked, and of them, only the following are the favorites.











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