Speedlites and Sunsets

AJ-For-Web-11Stole my filmmaker buddy AJ again while he was in town last week. He wanted some more headshots to choose from and I was happy to oblige. Of course, it came with the steep price of his being my guinea pig to test out what I’ve been wanting to try for a couple weeks now, which is shooting portraits in front of a sunset.

These last couple months, I’ve been very passionate about portrait photography (pretty straightforward) as well as shooting HDR landscapes (which combines different exposures to get high-contrast images that more or less allow you to control where you’d like the light to fall in the shot without blowing out highlights or losing silhouettes). The joys of buying a speedlite mean that I can more or less combine both in camera. By exposing for the sunset first, you then fill in with the flash until you’ve got a nice blend of both sky and subject. I think I managed it pretty well for a first try.

Obviously, we had a lot of fun playing around before that key twilight moment I was waiting for. The sun didn’t disappoint. All these following shots use the speedlite (some with a touch of reflector) to help lessen the harsher shadows from the sun, balance out the background, and later, the sky.






If you dig the photos, they’re just a taste of what’ll be coming as 2014 swings into action and I get more photo work. If you want to get ahead of the curve, I just built a Facebook fan page for my photography specifically, and you’re welcome to browse, interact, and like it — if you like. It’s just right here.

And then after we finished shooting AJ, I couldn’t say no to juggling my flash along with my camera to shoot AJ and his boyfriend, Ben.





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2 thoughts on “Speedlites and Sunsets

  1. crazyowlem says:

    Nice experimentation! I have done very little with HDR, but think the outcomes are wicked!

  2. AJ Street says:

    I…did not know this existed

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