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Something Unsettling


Another set of my more eerie and supernaturally inclined conceptual photography. It’s still January (though if this accounts for 1/12 of this project already, it’s going to be a wicked fast year). Hoping to continue to improve. Some of these I’m not in love with. Some I am.







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Creepier Things

Thought I’d toss up some of my portrait-a-day shots for my 365-day photo challenge. A big part of my plan this month was to dive into creative/conceptual photography and do some really cool, subtly supernatural, eerie type of photography, and slowly build a photoshopping skillset. My first forays blew my mind a bit.







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365 and 2014 and New Chapters

Happy New Years, all! Big thanks for undertaking the last years together with me, and hopefully holding on for more to come!

2014 is bringing a lot with it this year, which is equal parts terrifying and thrilling. I moved into a new apartment a few days before the new year broke, finally stepping out on a gamble that my photography will be enough to make rent. Love the place. It’s tiny and old and the number one fire worry in the city right now, but I adore it and I’m looking forward to a lot of memories made there in the next few months.

With this new chapter, right around the new year, and my recent emphasis on photography, I thought it would be an excellent time to begin work on the 365-Photo-Challenge, which is a project that requires photographers to try taking a picture every single day for a year. It’s a great opportunity to flex one’s creativity and skill set, and I’m wicked excited for it (even if I’ve already missed two days this weekend and I’m playing catch up not even a week in).

But I wanted to share the first few with you guys, and give you a glimpse of the new place.

The first photo was on the morning of the new year. We pulled an all-nighter and drove up the mountain in Boulder to catch the sunrise. An awesome way to bring in the new year. The sunrise turned out a bit weak. Overcast skies masked the sun. The best I got was an eerie shot of the city lights and moody clouds. We could only see the sunrise through a gap in the cloudcover. There was probably a metaphor there for how I feel starting the year.

1a-For-WebAnd I’m hoping that this shot, from my apartment window later that afternoon, was another indicator of how the year will wrap up.

1b-For-WebThe official second photo was actually taken a couple days before the new year, the first morning I unlocked the apartment. I’d been in there dozens of times because one of my close friends was renting for a couple months before moving to Wisconsin. That morning, it was eerie and empty and echoing and of course the first thing I had to do was lug in my camera stuff and take a shot.

2-For-WebThe after-shot of course, after moving most of the bedroom/living room in.


Today’s shot. There might’ve been a haircut in there somewhere.

And the first of hopefully a series of coming creative/conceptual shots. I wasn’t expecting much with this guy, but it wound up surprising the hell out of me.

(Probably another metaphor there for the year if you want to force things). 5-For-Web


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Soft Light


Finally got together with a friend of mine, Laura, for a shoot we’ve been talking about for some time.

“I’m thinking something with soft light,” she said. “Kind of a Suicidegirls feel, only with clothes.”

I think we killed it.







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