Something Unsettling


Another set of my more eerie and supernaturally inclined conceptual photography. It’s still January (though if this accounts for 1/12 of this project already, it’s going to be a wicked fast year). Hoping to continue to improve. Some of these I’m not in love with. Some I am.







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4 thoughts on “Something Unsettling

  1. crazyowlem says:

    i’ve attempted this as well. ’twas a work out, but enjoyed the end result nonetheless.

  2. I love them, Karl!!! I’m doing good to know how to add a filter and tweak the saturation on Photoshop Elements! Can’t even begin to understand the work and thought you put into these! You’re an inspiration! Including this link in my blog tonight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those are amazing!

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