It’s been six months since the floods that swept us last September. The world’s forgotten. The state would probably forget too if there weren’t still so many reminders everywhere. The drive up the canyon I make every week to the Stanley, from Loveland, is still littered with debris and trees and the absence of things that were once there. Right now, the baseball fields in town are being renovated for the late spring and summer seasons. The fences are being re-righted, the dirt is being replaced and smoothed.

I made a trip down to the bridge at Wilson Ave, where the city’s bike path once started, before the flood wiped out the footbridge that crossed the river. I ignored the “Trail Closed” signs (because no shit it’s closed), and went about taking after pictures as close as I could from the ones I managed to take the day after the rains let up, while the water surged.

I’m a bit annoyed that the pictures aren’t perfect matches in terms of composition, but sometimes the midday sun is too bright for an iPad and preview screen on your SLR.

But it’s not really about that, anyway.









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