American Horror Story Season 4 and Season 5 Brainstorm!

News broke this last week that the new season of American Horror Story was going to be subtitled Coven. (For those of you folks who’ve been googling season 4, Coven is in fact the 3rd season of AHS and premieres in the fall of 2013). This follows on the heels of the news that was announced, at the end of last season, that the season would be taking place primarily in the deep south, much of it being filmed in New Orleans.

This has me excited, because I love to wonder about the themes, settings, and frights that this show will be supplying next.

It’s these things that makes the show brilliant: their handling of social and political and philosophical themes; their refreshing new storylines and sets each season; and the gritty horror that they bring to television.

So, following my blogs last season, in which I wondered at the themes and the developments in Asylum, I’m now broadening my scope. I’m thinking ahead to seasons 4 and 5 (which would air in the falls of 2014 and 2015. But of course, in the world of television, future seasons are never sure until they’re ordered. But I like to dream, and American Horror Story killed it with the ratings for its first two seasons, giving FX some steam to compete with other cable biggies a la Walking Dead).

In the first season, we covered the Murder House story. The marketing color was RED. American GOTHIC. The themes explored were drawing from decades of recent Americana. Murder. Abortion. Adultery. Divorce. Sex. School shootings. Drugs. And a healthy dose of ghosts to boot.


In the second season, we covered the Asylum story. The marketing color was WHITE. The themes ranged from religion, to science. Gay rights. Women’s rights. The masculine and the feminine. Mother issues. Medicine. Mental illness. Abortion. Nature versus nurture. Inherent evil. Nazis. Human experimentation. Alien abduction.


In the third season, we only know that it’s the Coven story. Which says to most of us: witches. And, shooting in the deep south, I can only guess at marketing colors: GREEN. (Update: Now that season three is in the wind, we see there was a tinge of green and a bit of hot pink, this being a season of feminism themes, amongst others) And I can only imagine themes and topics. Racism, I’d imagine? The mingling of “American” ideals with French and African? Magic. Producers have hinted at lots of sex and more comedy. Hoodoo? Voodoo? Vampires? Segregation?


So now I’m looking past season three and into four and five. The uncharted, un-talked-about, not-even-rumored, here-be-dragons territory.

(I’m not even forecasting here. I’m just spit-balling).

So what’s left on the plate? The core of this show is explicitly American horror, in the sense of both location and theme. And so brainstorming future settings that hold quintessentially American horror roots is interesting. I’ve only come up with two, but my excitement to see the team’s handling of them is palpable.

I want to see season four hit the coast. I’m a sucker for coastal everything. Lighthouses. Water. Storms. Lovecraftian horror. The kind of sea-eroded history. The moodiness of such an atmosphere. Can you see it?

American-Horror-Story-Season-4-Promo-bannerPromos with only a fat phallic tentacle on a couple storm-beaten rocks? (Oh, you know it would be phallic too. Did you SEE the promo posters for Asylum?) An exploration of the mystery of the sea? A throwback historically to the old sailors, both in discovering America and also fishing. HEAVY draws on Lovecraft, if particularly the Shadow Over Innsmouth? Can you imagine? Cult-like worship of strange sea-creatures within the town? Half-man, half-animal hybrids? Perhaps some splicing/cloning scientific play with that?

Play on seclusion and religion and what makes up a homestead. Safety. Security. Especially in the times we live in. Themes perhaps of that question of security versus freedom.

And then into season five. I have a bias. I think every wonderful show on television only has five good seasons in it. It’s the best amount of time to complete a thorough arc before getting into redundant territory.

And what better way to wrap American Horror Story than a return to America’s roots? The midwest and the colonial east. Cornfields. Small towns. Colonial roots and revolution.

American-Horror-Story-Season-5-Promo-BannerAmericana at its heart. Late summer. Autumn. The harvest. Calling upon the classic horror themes we’ve seen season to season during the heart of Halloween. The imminent fears of the long winter. Questions of simple living, American values. Questions of population growth and food in the modern times but also in the past. Throw back to the land itself. Throw back to Native Americans and the disputes with them. Curses. Genocide. Animals and nature and scarecrows guarding the fields.

A sprinkling of Shyamalan with the Village. Some Hawthorne! Dark Romanticism. A bit of Young Goodman Brown. Some twisted Puritan values. Some Washington Irving, a bit of Ichabod Crane and headless horsemen.

The final iconic monster as something Native American. The revelation coming in that it’s not really a monster. Like all monsters, it’s misunderstood. And it’s usually only as monstrous as we make it.

What better way to wrap up the show than with a final look at the heart of America: where it all came from. How it was founded. The sins in the soil.

But I want to know what YOU guys think. Would that be a satisfying wrap to one of the smartest shows on television? Are there more choice selections of classic horrific Americana that I’m forgetting? What do you want to see in the upcoming seasons? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Update (Feb 6, 2014)

Murphy is still skating as to what in particular season 4 will be called, though I suspect we’ll be hearing about it in the next month or two. He’s already hinted that season four will be over many time periods, but mostly in the 50’s, it’ll be as comedic as season four (though five will be something very much out of left field, he says), and a bit gothic. Folks are having fun with the carnival/circus idea, but I quite like the Freakshow art that appeared in a quick google search. Freakshow is certainly a topic that would be VERY much American Horror Story’s alley, and would touch upon the gothic, but he’s already said fans haven’t nailed it yet, and that the circus idea was baseless.

In lieu of the updates, I wanted to update this post, since it still gets a lot of traffic (almost seventy comments? You guys are AWESOME. And some GREAT ideas that I’d completely overlooked).

I should point out that though there are at times a greenish tinge, AHS seems to have deviated from the color schemes I guessed about above. It seems the black, white, and red will always be their base, with a touch of extra color that might connect with the theme, the way green reflected the south and the witches. That obviously would influence my marketing brainstorms up above a bit.

I still love the ideas of a coastal, Lovecraftian AHS, as well as a midwestern corn-fields and autumnal feel, so I wanted to add some applicable titles and extra promo photo mockups, particularly since I’ve gotten a bit more deft at the photoshop in the year since I posted this bad boy. Enjoy, rock on, and hope to see you on the other side of season four!

(Seasons one through three courtesy and property of FX. Of course, the American Horror Story and FXs logos are copyright FX):






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My name is Karl Pfeiffer. I’m a writer, ghost hunter, and photographer. I won the first season of the pilot reality series Ghost Hunters Academy, and went on to work with the Ghost Hunters International team on the same network. Since then I’ve lead the weekend ghost hunts at the Stanley Hotel, studied religion and writing at Colorado State University, and published my first novel, Hallowtide, in October of 2012. I’m also a conceptual and portrait photographer working out of Northern Colorado. More can be found at

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71 thoughts on “American Horror Story Season 4 and Season 5 Brainstorm!

  1. Patrick says:

    This is a fascinating post… I love it! I started season 1 with such excitement and ended up not liking it so much. I didn’t even finish it… but Season 2 was amazing and has me totally pumped for Coven! I like your Season 5 idea, for sure! I think it would also be fascinating to do a turn of the century/spiritualism/Fox Sisters kind of season. 🙂

    So will you be into Bates Motel at all? Should we expect a review of that?

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      Spiritualism would be fascinating to explore. Doesn’t have much in the way of a horror root in America but it sure does for the supernatural.

      And yeah, Bates looked interesting but I wasn’t planning on checking it out until it hits Netflix. Maybe I should tho!

  2. w says:

    A haunted carnival ala Something Wicked this Way Comes b

    • karlpfeiffer says:

      I like the way you think!

    • tania darcy says:

      holy crap I really like that idea

      • V says:

        When you speak of a carnivals and horror storys, a local story comes to mind from my home town cemetery of a young women murdered by a sadistic women when she was left in her care by her parents (carnival works).
        Research a movie called An American Crime or Silvia Likens story.
        I think it would make an interesting episode to interweave into the show

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe an. Orphanage where all the kids are slight Oliver Twistish in atmosphere but all the little churubs are tweeked a bit. One is setting fire when he ‘s mad, another one has suggestive persuasion, an empathetic who is so anxious all the time cause he feels every emotion around. The list could go on and of course most of the staff is unaware but there are s few who reslize there is something hinky about these kids. And you’d have to have a villain who also knows what they can do and uses them to his advantage but they aren’t dumb so he ‘ll get his in a grizzly manner. That all I got in 15. hope it’s worth reading.

  4. Jenna says:

    I’m hoping that one season follows up Season one and goes back to murder house. It could
    Follow up on the house and all the relationships they left us hanging on. And it can tell is what happens with the antichrist baby… It could be titled American Horror Story: Apocalypse. I think that would be pretty popular considering all the doomsday theories surfacing. And lets face it, whose not afraid of the Apocalypse?

  5. matzo says:

    I think the ocean idea is nice but the horror wouldnt be that “psychological” anymore when they really show seamonsters and stuff. This native american thing really is an awesome idea, especially for a last season and they could name it “American Horror Story: Origins”, maybe even explaining the relatinships between the different characters in each season played by the same actors. it would be awesome if they made up some complex structure between them
    I would like every season to be set in a very different location of the states, and after the west coast, the east coast(new england) and the south, theres not THAT much left.
    Maybe the rockie mountains, with something like “the shining”, the pacific northwest (bigfoot?) or even alaska?
    I would also love some smalltown horror like in a stephen king book.
    Another main topic for a new season could be vampires although they kinda suck after twilight.

    • matzo says:

      woah i forgot 2 settings: texas and florida
      and they could also set it in a circus because clowns just are the scariest people ever, and it could be a fcking insane circus of evil. 🙂

    • tania darcy says:

      dude stop mentioning twilight leave it alone its is own story stop. vampires existed long timw ago.

  6. Jelissa says:

    Before season 2 hit, I was thinking a haunted carnival or circus. I think a lot of people would get a kick out of it.

  7. collins says:

    What about American Horror Story: The Dark Ages. It could be set in the medieval era. the theme could be BLACK. and think about how awesome the promos would be. the camera getting closer to the end of a hallway with metal knights lined up. then their armor would clink the sword could fall and you could hear a scream as it sharply turned its head. or another promo could have like a bell in a courtyard ringing and maybe somebody slashing cattle. idk i just think they could make something creepy as hell out of that.

    • Bob says:

      That wouldn’t be “American”. that would be european or something like that.

      • collins says:

        I just realised that. But you have to admit it would be interesting. What about american horror story: revolution. it could be set in charleston, SC, and be about the ghosts of charleston and there could be plots pertaining to the lost colony. and the promos could be like somebody giving a tour of downtown charleston walking a group of people and there would be flashes of ghosts and stuff. idk i think it would be cool.

  8. Adam says:

    Love to see one set in Wasington D.C. with a sort of “They Live/Eyes Wide Shut/Illuminati” theme. It would focus on political corruption and greed, and how some dark (supernatural?) secret society manipulates the country and nothing is as it seems. They could also introduce some “Devil influencing politics” storyline (The Omen), and possibly his plans for the apocalypse. Maybe even how the entertainment and music industry uses hypnotic suggestion to influence the public, and how stars sell their souls to some dark being for money and fame. And of course one character (Evan Peters?) would be the conspiracy theorist who no one listens to. Not to mention how fun it would be to see Lange in the Oval Office… (Sorry if I sound like a conspiracy nut, I just thought it would be cool…)

    • Adam says:

      Plus I’d love to see some creepy secret society party where everyone is wearing terrifying masks. And they could advertise the season by “corrupting” American symbols (dollar bill, bald eagle, memorials in Washington). I’d also like to see Sarah Paulson as some charismatic Jackie Kennedy character…

  9. Chris says:

    American Horror Story: Roanoke
    A New World, A New Terror

    Going off the Colonial America theme, I think it would be really interesting if the show explored one of our countries deepest unsolved mysteries regarding the lost 16th-century colony of Roanoke. The season could incorporate themes of dictatorship and the struggle for power among the colonists and the violent conflict with the local natives that threaten their security. The overall main arc/theme of the season would be the sudden disappearance of colonists and them blaming it on the Native Americans kidnapping their people only to find out halfway through the season that the disappearances have been conducted by a secret cannibalistic group of colonists residing in the settlement among them. American Horror Story: Roanoke would finally answer the mystery of what happen to the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

  10. Marietta says:

    Love the Carnival idea!!! But i was thinking ,more of a “Freakshow” meets “13 Ghosts” And you know that Mermaids: the new evidence Documentary, Like how the only mermaid ever caught suddenly disappeared fight after that mysterious fire broke out in the early 1900s. I know there can be a good Horror story in there somewhere.And This was in America. Right? But, i dont know. Its just a thought.

  11. Sean Duggan says:

    I have an idea for season 4. Lets face it AHS has hit major themes such as ghosts, asylums, and witchcraft. All great genres to do the show around but I believe it is time to go to the core of horror for this season. That being slasher film’s. There has been so many iconic movies such a friday the 13th, Scream, ect. I think this new season should take the time to perfect this kind of horror. It should revolve around a college town in which this can allow the older cast mates to be professors, and people living in the. This will also allow the younger cast to be students at the university. There can be back stories and all the skeletons in their closets because it can revolve around the university over the years. Jessica Lange can be the dean of students or some high position in the college who is also the grandmother to a student there to tie the cast together (taissa farmiga or evan peters.) I think that with all of the crap that is put out there in these kinds of films it will raise the bar for them in the future. I think the problem with them also is that you meet a cast and a hour and a half later most of them have died. This kind of show can really make the audience care about the characters and while they are being picked off there will be a genuine emotional loss for us. I just think there is so much that could be down if the plot line revolves around something like this.

    • Jenny says:

      Genius. Someone should contact ryan murphy with this. If they brought emma, tassia, evan they can be the most recent victims to a sadistic copy cat killer that hit attacked the college some years ago. It can have flashbacks when Jessica Lange was a student there being in the mist of it herself. Now she works there with her grandchildren(s) attending the university. FUCKING AWESOME. If anyone else has an opinion on this it better be positive because this is great

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah but I think that it’s a completely different type of school theme in that it’s real and it’s not magic it’s just a university

    • Rick says:

      The only problem is that the school idea is similar to AHS Coven.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think they already did the serial killer/ slasher film in asylum with bloody face

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ryan Murphy if you don’t do this I will….

    • Jenny says:

      are you talking about the comment from sean? so good right?

      • collins says:

        hahah yes! i was thinking and i think that they could do something about hollywood and the illuminati and it could be about the dark side of fame and fortune. people selling their soulds to the devil for fame, people joining the illuminati. and jessica lange could play an actress whose very famous and climbed her way to the top by sleeping with directors and maybe killing them after? idk but the color could be like GOLD or something. and i can see the promos having her walk down the red carpet in a red dress and her dress is the carpet and then the flashing lights turn to blood. im thinking it could be mixed with the idea about that slasher theme. and there could be a young girl played by taissa who wants to get into the business so she gets mentored by jessica and it turns out to be a true horror for her. i can also see there being a scene where something bad is supposed to happen and it actually does while they are shooting. idk just something that lies underneath the face of what the public sees would be neat i think. it could take place in mainly an acting school. any ideas what they could call it. oh and it could be one character who wants to leave scientology and they trap her there and kill her and try to cover it up.

  13. Anonymous says:

    lets make ryan murphy do this shit

  14. Anonymous says:

    college/university idea is gold!

  15. Guest says:

    Hate to be the guy that says this, but: Zombies.

    Before you flame me, just imagine what they could do with that washed-up, cliche-ridden theme. They’d nail it!

  16. Jenn says:

    My god you need to be a part of American Horror Story. As I was reading the season 4 and 5 ideas I could already see every playing out. I cant get over this. You’re truly amazing and talented.

  17. JP says:

    I know that it was kind of played with in ‘Murder House’, but I would LOVE to see a season dedicating entirely to suburbia. Like suburban legends and whatnot. One of the major themes could be superficiality and commercialism and whatnot. It could deal with what we value in our current society, and what’s truly important. ‘American Horror Story: Suburbia’

    Another thing I would LOVE to see would be something dedicated completely to an urban setting like New York or Chicago (Chicago in the 1920s anybody?). It could deal with the REAL horrors, like rape, murder, abuse, kidnapping, serial killer, etc. I feel that would be especially frightening because it would be so much more real, y’know? On of the major themes of that could be morality; what is truly moral? What makes something moral? Does morality actually exist? ‘American Horror Story: Concrete Jungle’ (?)

    I’m OBSESSED with the ‘American Horror Story: Coast’ idea; I feel like it would be eerie and psychological and beautiful.

    I’m not as in love with the midwest idea, but I LOVE the idea of the Native American “monster”, and I would love to see what they could do with a really screwed up small town 🙂


  18. Jason Blount says:

    Love all the American Horror Story’s how about midevil times…. Dragons, knights,roalty and madiens & dungiens.

  19. Tyler says:

    Sasquatch. Enough said.

  20. john says:

    I had an idea where it was “American Horror Story: Foster” it would be focusing on telekinetic powers as well as dealing with real life horrors. the main character would be a boy new to the cast, as well as Jessica, taissa, Evan, and emma.

  21. I have an idea, but the more I think about it, the more I think it plays off of Asylum. American Horror Story: Prison (or, more specifically, Alcatraz). The National Park system has had to stop tourism on Alcatraz because San Francisco must use the property yet again as an overflow facility. A new warden is selected, but one of his children has telekinetic powers that helps aid with prisoner punishment. Throughout the season, numerous “horrors” happen: an earthquake hits the Bay Area that shakes the dead that are buried under the prisoner (like an “Indian burial ground” type thing) that begin to haunt the prisoners and staff. Another could be a national pandemic breaks out that cannot be spread by water, so people are coming to Alcatraz to be quarantined, mixing prisoners with the common folk. However, the illness is eventually brought to the island and everyone must learn who is infected and fight the disease. You could also play in an attempted escape from the island. Before a prison was built on the island, it was a fort for different battles. Perhaps the ghosts of former soldiers could play a part in it as well. Another thing you could do is have each prisoner be a modern representation of former famous inmates of Alcatraz, and each episode could relive their own personal horrors and their journeys to the prison.

    • reemb98 says:

      That. Is genius. Pure genius. The whole pandemic/quarantine/prisoner mix thing is brilliant. Please, get this to the writers.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have an idea for season 4. Lets face it AHS has hit major themes such as ghosts, asylums, and witchcraft. All great genres to do the show around but I believe it is time to go to the core of horror for this season. That being slasher film’s. There has been so many iconic movies such a friday the 13th, Scream, ect. I think this new season should take the time to perfect this kind of horror. It should revolve around a college town in which this can allow the older cast mates to be professors, and people living in the. This will also allow the younger cast to be students at the university. There can be back stories and all the skeletons in their closets because it can revolve around the university over the years. Jessica Lange can be the dean of students or some high position in the college who is also the grandmother to a student there to tie the cast together (taissa farmiga or evan peters.) I think that with all of the crap that is put out there in these kinds of films it will raise the bar for them in the future. I think the problem with them also is that you meet a cast and a hour and a half later most of them have died. This kind of show can really make the audience care about the characters and while they are being picked off there will be a genuine emotional loss for us. I just think there is so much that could be down if the plot line revolves around something like this.

  22. R says:

    I think both of those ideas are great. I love the idea about having a genetic experiment/ half-human aspect to the show, especially in a coastal setting.
    My other point to make with this setting is that it would be interesting to see Jessica Lange portraying a more fragile role. She plays the strong female character so well, but I think having her as a “lonely widow” character, with a tragic past, would be incredible, and I think she could play the part wonderfully

  23. meganoneil13 says:

    I’m loving all of these ideas! What about American Horror Story: Area 51? Since it’s such a mystery anyway they could do some really amazing things with that idea. It could pull in the ideas for incorporating serial killers, aliens, and even the illuminati idea. I’d love to see that happen!

  24. Dashawn says:

    Why not have it at a summer camp something, like American Horror Story: Summer Camp or they can have it in Texas set in a old school western theme American Horror Story: Western or better have it in the era of great depression or the Cold War or Civil War or World War 1 or 2. Also what about a American Horror story set in the Colony of Jamestown? American Horror Story: Orgins or Beggining or there cold be one set in the lost city of Alantis . A lot of ideas !

  25. Jay says:

    Lots and lots of brilliant ideas BUT…. almost halfway through the season, some of these are redundant. Each of the three season have pretty much nothing in common except the actors used, and that’s the point. I realize this was written before Coven started, but clearly now everyone sees there won’t be magical powers used in the next season. And the Alcatraz idea is genius, but that’s too close to Asylum…. So the next seasons won’t be about prisons, or schools (coven… unless they really twist the college idea into something completely new), or ghosts, or aliens, or exorcism, or bestiality, or zombies, or magic, or experimentation, etc. etc. etc. anything that was done in seasons 1-3.

    Haunted Carnival was really the fan favorite for a while. Your idea of the lighthouse seems haunting and mysterious…. ANY story involving origins,native americans, animal spirits, Jamestown, or anything adjacent to that or similar ideas to that brought up in the comments section WOULD BE THE STORY TO END ALL STORIES. THAT WOULD BE A GREAT LAST SEASON!!!! AMERICAN HORROR STORY: PLYMOUTH. AMERICAN HORROR STORY: JAMESTOWN.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see want they could do with a friday the 13th theme, campers and physco killers, weird characters and a few hauntings could go a long way

  27. lasfinest73 says:

    Karl, have you thought about using ‘second coming’-‘four fathers’ for your next season(s)-

  28. lasfinest73 says:

    Also I want to go to casting for the next season & can’t seem to find the right site to go to-

  29. Anonymous says:

    I missed season one but got totally hooked on season 2 and flipped over season 3! totally awesome! I was hoping you’d pursue it a while next year. but I’m sure whatever you come up with it will be terrific! but the carnival or even a haunted amusement park sounds good. so does your idea of hybrid creatures! go for it!

  30. Sean says:

    I LOVE your idea for season 5, Season 3’s Coven has so far proven to be AMAZING! I would like to see the colour Yellow in all of this, as colour symbolises each season as you explained above, but Yellow? The cornfields would be great! Like scarecrows in the cornfields etc? 🙂 let me know what you think?

    • lasfinest73 says:

      Sounds good-corn fields, scare crows (Halloween-ISH/indian roots), I like it-would go well w/the title of ‘Four fathers’-would be totally awsome for next seasons title.
      ‘Second coming’ would be suiting for a season title too, just haven’t brainwashed too much on ideas such as yours for like the ‘Four fathers’ title would work with.
      The way the seasons have been kind of tying together in a way, these title just seem appropriate as they continue.

  31. Micheline Starr says:


    Possible Titles: AHS: Sects OR AHS: Cults OR AHS: Secret Societies OR AHS: the Illuminati OR AHS: Freemasons

    Illuminati, Freemasons, EPCOT/ Disneyland and DisneyWorld, Disney Corp’s media influence on child development/socialization (both within US and overseas with WWII propaganda films such as “Hitler’s Children”), CIA Project MKUltra ….

    All hints to date are tied together: Lange’s German accent (probably playing actress Marlene Dietrich); German Nazi Mind Control experiments brought over to the CIA from Nazi defectors; focus on two eras (1950s predominantly) with another unnamed era…I say it will be the 1970s/1980s…Watergate Scandal, Operation Bay of Pigs planning before implemented by JFK (Castro assassination); Florida/EPCOT (in Season 3 storyline with Zoe) will be shown as a secret Illuminati (and by extension US government/military/CIA) HQ. Research the true blueprints for E.P.C.O.T. (Experimental City of Tomorrow) as Disney truly intended it before his death. Disney dies before EPCOT was completed.; the map behind Cordelia when she is talking to Myrtle about being burned again (note the red pin clusters on the map) shows pin clusters in key places such as New Mexico, Utah, Long Island, NY which are all sites of secret black ops government/CIA sites used for nuclear testing, Project MKUltra experiments and the like.

    I would also posit that Howard Hughes will make an appearance (at the very least be mentioned)….

    *** Ryan Murphy stated that the FILMING will take place in either New Orleans or New Mexico. While that may be true, that DOES NOT equate to WHERE the STORYLINE will unfold. I argue that FLORIDA will be the focus of the STORYLINE or at the very least a major chunk of the storyline geographical focus. California will also rear its head (Hollywood connection). DC will also come into play as will Germany and possibly Cuba.***

    Nixon will be mentioned. The Watergate scandal. Perhaps a brief trip to the 1970s to Guyana (Jonestown Massacre) will be seen (the site of the cult massacre was a former Project MKUltra / black ops government military testing site).

    (FOCUS) Illuminate / Freemason influence on the foundations of the US…city design (Washington DC pentagram street design conspiracy), currency design (all seeing eye, phoenix rising from ashes; the reoccurring number 13 theme on currency symbols such as the olive branches); Hollywood propaganda machine (season 4 will probably focus on most on the CIA’s Hollywood connection during WWII and Korean War era (late 40s early 50s) to stay aligned with Murphy’s 1950s era clue. However, I posit that the CIA/OSS (forerunner of CIA) link to Hollywood will also be traced to the present day (swinging from propaganda to mind control experiments and back again) with a focus on Disney (theme parks, characters and fill feature live action and animated films).

    NOTE: for Disneyworld(FL) and EPCOT critics, I know these two FL theme park were not built until the 60s and 70s. However, the clandestine purchase of the 400 acre site by dummy corporations on behalf of Walt Disney began in the 1950s. The 400 acre property now called Lake Buena Vista is a completely controlled Disney city. There are no landowners besides Disney owned subsidiaries. The only residents are Disney employees. Lake Buena Vista is unique. It is the only corporation owned, operated and controlled (and policed!!) incorporated city in the US. Lake Buena Vista is a “phantom city”. The “elected” legislators are “puppets” for Disney executives given the position as a reward for their loyalty. This is not unlike the practices adopted overseas by the CIA—installing “puppet” dictators (Iran, Latin America…).

    THINK ABOUT IT: what better place to have an underground Illuminati/Freemason/CIA secret HQ than under (or within) the confines of a secret sovereign state operating in plain sight (Lake Buena Vista resembles Vatican City in this respect—a sovereign state)? Furthermore, DW/EPCOT’s theme park appeal give the secret society an inexhaustible supply of ‘guinea pigs’ to test various advertising, propaganda, mind control and social engineering experiments within a controlled laboratory setting. There aren’t any outside intruders or prying eyes to contend with at Disney parks and Lake Buena Vista are policed by Disney. DW/EPCOT uses state-of-the-art bio-metrics, facial recognition software, patron tracking and surveillance systems.

    **I CANNOT get over the FLORIDA connection. ** The blatant (and awkward) Florida/EPCOT story line of Kyle and Zoe were too loud to ignore. Myrtle’s purchase of the bus tickets to EPCOT (she did not say Orlando or Florida or Disneyworld but rather EPCOT) was odd. It was too odd and awkward to be ignored.

    **I also CANNOT get over the secret society (CIA, Illuminati, Freemason) link. **
    The secret witch hunter society hides behind the Delphi Trust (dummy corp) whose operations are used as a front. The witch hunter’s Delphi Corporation’s logo (seen on the office wall numerous times) was a circle encased by a triangle. That is a Illuminate/freemason symbol (the all seeing eye as on our currency). The witch hunters were all men (just like Illuminate and especially the Freemasons proper…the Eastern Star is a distant Freemason sister organization for women without the same roots in European and American history). In one of the last episodes (I think it was the one where the witches put a spell on the Corp using the rats, US currency** and maze) Fiona discloses the history of the Delphi Corporation, “Delphi has its roots in the American colonies where they worked as carpenters (skilled laborers) and in recent years moved into financial investment” (very loosely paraphrased). The plaque on the Delphi office wall states that it was founded in “1826”. The Delphi Trust screams CIA dummy corp. The fact that the Delphi HQ is located in Atlanta, GA (the celebrated home of Coca-Cola another American socio-cultural treasure) further drives home my assertion. Much like Disney, Coca-Cola is a rather old American corp which has become synonymous with Americanization of the world (socio-cultural imperialism of the US) and has a unique history with the US government (especially during WW1).

    I know there is a lot here; but Ryan Murphy has proven time and time again that he likes connecting multiple story lines together, especially where historic reference is concerned. The historic ties to his plots are instrumental in grounding them and making them more believable to the audience. Recall Murder House’s multiple historic mini storyline offshoots (events and people) that brought real life historic cases into the main storyline (the Black Delia, Nora & Charles Montgomery, to name a handful) were all based in true events. AHS: Asylum and Coven also followed suit. In the case of Coven: Madam LaLaurie, Marie Laveau, Axe Man Killer were all real. Of course AHS DOES take GREAT LIBERTY will the factual recount of these historic events/people. The fact remains, the link among the various themes/story lines that I mentioned here are indisputable. Grant it, I did not explicate all of the connects here. Do the research. REWATCH the last four episodes of COVEN.

    Please excuse the grammatical and spelling errors. I am not an idiot. The darn server prevents me from correcting them. I have to go back and manually correct the errors. Some errors I was able to catch before moving on but not all of them.

    Furthermore, I am not a conspiracy nut. I just watched the episodes and picked out what I thought the clues were, did the research, made some connections and here we are. There is some rambling here and there as I am trying to quickly and informally type up this post without it becoming a research thesis. My goal is to get my theory out there – to be on record. I think that it would be cool to see if some of my assertions pan out. Furthermore, I wanted to offer another theory that WAS NOT circus-focused. There is nothing in any of the episodes that pointed to that except perhaps the “pin head” character (no offense intended) on Asylum. Since that is the dominant fan inspired season 4 paradigm, I am quite confident that the circus storyline will not be the focus of season 4. Furthermore, Ryan Murphy stated that no one has correctly identified the season 4 storyline (as of January 31, 2014).

    This is my Season 4 theory, for what it is worth (exactly two cents, I would reckon). 🙂

    At the very least, perhaps my insane ramblings will spark alternative storyline discussions that isn’t circus-driven. 🙂

    Micheline Starr

  32. speculating says:

    I read about an airliner that disappeared over Lake Michigan in 1950. Maybe some sort of time warp that the plane enters? Just a thought, as Ryan has recently said that no one has guessed the theme up to now, and I haven’t seen this topic yet…..

  33. Melissa says:

    very amazing I love everything maybe hopefully u can put a mermaid in the sea creature part that haunts the towns people it would put a thrill in people and put excitement in mine also chills will come down people’s spine if she is scary yet beautiful she will have beauty 4 a moment then turn flesh eating creature the next how amazing will that b so think about it cuz she will explode the charts and ratings on television view of what horror really is and the look of real mermaid myths

  34. Geraldtege says:

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